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Having Trouble Getting Results?

I’ve been getting so many PM’s from people asking me advice and thanking me for helping them out in some way… I decided to write this thread and say good luck and I’m glad I could help in anyway… I’m just a regular guy like the rest of you… nothing special but I guess some of my posts people scoop information out of, whether its the best advice or not I don’t know… but they sure do thank me and ask me for it.

I didn’t realize how many people have trouble getting results and have difficulty achieving something they’ve set for themselves no matter how hard they try and no matter what they do.

There must be more frustrated people out there than I can possibily imagine; I’m just a regular guy like anyone else here, I’m not a trainer or an author or anything special like that and they come to me for advice and thank me for the tips I leave in their threads, and I feel for ya, I really do. I hate to see anybody struggle. I like to help people. But there is something I’ve been leaving out so I’ll put it in this post.

From my experience I have witnessed that most of the time the people that don’t get the results they want, is not from a lack of effort… most of the time these people give more effort than anyone. It’s really attributed to just not exercising or dieting properly instead of effortlessly and a lack of friendly genetics that lazy people like myself seem to have and we do nothing and get results.

I was not always like that. I struggled at some point myself, but when I was able to be lazy and still see fantastic results was when I really knew what I was actually doing compared to previous training without alot of breakthrough tips. I put forth lots of effort early and got no where because I was just doing it all wrong and getting no where and getting frustrated and upset with myself.

After some experience I was able to use even less effort and get better results. I just want to make clear that most “failures” like myself are not lazy, they try real hard, all you guys need is just a break sometimes or, a tip, maybe a little extra knowledge on the subject. Or maybe just a better outlook and a more positive attitude and don’t worry so much about the results.

There are other things more important that you have to worry about that you overlook, I’ll explain as you read furthur.

So don’t give up… chances are you are real close to discovering something new, or a great tip you pick up changes everything for you. What I think you need to realize is that failure is all part of success. Most people who fail alot end up with tremendous wisdom… so its not all for nothing. You gain something from everything that you do. Physics teaches us that… “for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”.

So… all that effort builds character, self esteem, discipline, pride, and a willingness to never give up… if for nothing else you got no results in your weight gain or loss, then you still gained something. And that gain is probably worth more than the other physical gain you were trying to achieve. You may have even reached your goal and still learned nothing if you hadn’t went thru hell to get it.

So you see, you may reach your goals or you may not. But the results arn’t really what matter. I have achieved more happiness of knowing what I had to go thru to get something… rather than how happy the results made me feel. so its not all about the certain weight or size or shape you need to be that counts… its about ‘THE RIDE’ for crying out loud!

If you can’t enjoy that… then what’s the point of doing anything. A superbowl trophy is useless so to speak and its the result of winning, but the run the Steelers made last year to get that trophy makes all the difference in the world and is what counts.

Who gives a shit if you have a perfect or a not so perfect body? Only you know how hard you had to work to look exactly like you do. Some of us by design get lucky and some of us just have some dumb or bad luck. But, if you don’t learn to enjoy ‘The Ride’ at some point it wasn’t worth shit trying to get it in the first place.

Sometimes we forget why we are chasing after something and just concentrate on the goal at the end. Some of us just need to learn to enjoy the ride along the way sometimes… who knows it may be better than then the prize your chasing after in the first place.

…Just a little tip for all you people out there that try like hell and get no where. I know what its like to be in your shoes…

Have you been watching Jerry Maguire?

[quote]Rockscar wrote:
Have you been watching Jerry Maguire?[/quote]

lol… no did I qoute something in that movie.

You’re a cool guy. Good post. This site will remedy most problems newbies have i’m sure. I can’t pull 500, but i’m sure one day i will. Knowing that there are people that can, and reading what they have to say, is very helpful. Cheers man

Heavy, I may not always agree with your trainingf style,however, this is an excellent post. It’s never about the destination. It’s always about the trip.

[quote]Go heavy fool wrote:
Rockscar wrote:
Have you been watching Jerry Maguire?

lol… no did I qoute something in that movie.[/quote]

Epiphony…then you write what most every vet knows, but is afraid to say!

I totally agree with everything you say… for years i worked and worked and worked… BUT I DIDNT EAT… now i have put on more weight in 1 year than i could have ever imagined possible… i always wanted to be that skinny kid with the six pac abs well Not any more… NO SIX PAC but i look better than ever… i have the muscle to put the little amount of fat that i have in proportion… girls are more attracted to me and guys dont give me shit anymore… and I am only 200 pounds… but at 150 i got alot more shit thrown my way… I learned how to eat and how train and i have a long long long way to go… i learned to take a day off and to time my meals… i still have disipline problems when it comes to cutting but other than that i have made huge progress and plan to keep improving… I am no veteran but i did run in a 5K today for our heros and veterans… lol but life seems to workout… even though i dont have the body i want now i still have the feeling of accomplishment knowing that in 5 years i will have that body… THANX TNATION you have done a huge favor to me and all the rest of the fellow followers of the site KEEP ON DOING WHAT YOU DO BEST

Good post.

I struggled for quite a while before I made any gains. I’m still trying to get bigger and stronger now that I’ve had some success.

That said, no matter what size I finally get to, the discipline that I’ve learned from working out has been worth it itself. I used to be piss poor at sticking with something. Now that I’ve stuck with lifting and eating right for several years I can easily push myself in other areas.

Awesome post.

[quote]Rockscar wrote:
Go heavy fool wrote:
Rockscar wrote:
Have you been watching Jerry Maguire?

lol… no did I qoute something in that movie.

Epiphony…then you write what most every vet knows, but is afraid to say![/quote]

Careful, Go heavy might erupt and start chewing you out because you didn’t call it a “mission statement”.

But anyway, if I follow your advice, do I get to have 22" guns, too?

That was nice. I usually don’t like you. :wink: