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Having Trouble Getting Prescribed Reps on Last Squat Set

First time posting here. Been in 5/3/1 for about 6 months now made good progress in all lifts, but lately my squat has been slowing down. I am barely getting my prescribed reps on my last set. Assistant work front squat 5x10 Romanian deads 5x10 walking lunges basically 5 x till I’m tired usually around 8-10 reps. Any help is appreciated.

This is all explained in the books.

Which template?
6 deloads so far or 3?
Why so much assistance?

lower your training max. The best way to increase your squat is to squat. Instead of doing front squats for assistance, just do 3-5 sets @ FSL weight. Your training max should be a weight you can lift for 5 solid reps. I try to set my training max to where I can hit 10 reps on my 1+ week. For instance, my training max in the squat is 425 and on my 1+ week , I squatted 405x7. Not exactly 10, but I’m hitting more than 5 reps on my 95% set. If you’re not, your TM is too high.