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Having Trouble Arranging a Training Split


I've basically been having a lot of trouble deciding on how to split my new routine, the things I've got to work around is an hour of circuit training(part of my college course) on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, i have college basketball games on Wednesday and basketball training on Fridays which usually involves a lot of hill sprints ect.

I'm new to the whole designing my own training program subject so i have based my routine mainly around multi-joint excersizes.

Hang clean (6sets-3reps)
Front squat(6sets-3reps)
Core work(Woodchoppers, one armed farmers walks ect.)

Wide arm pullups(5 sets to failure)
Bent over row(5sets-5reps)
Posterior chain work(GHR ect.)

Flat dumbbell press(6sets-3 reps, not using a barbell at the moment because of shoulder issues)
Military press(6sets-3reps)
Dips(5 sets to failure)
Face pulls(2sets-15reps)
Core work

i also do a tonne of foam rolling, corrective stretches and recovery work ect.

i'm just having a real hard time deciding if it's going to be effective without hitting the risk of over-training.


you mean under-eating, right? not overtraining.


When you are new to designing a program and have to ask for feedback, just don't.

Go to the thread about doing this routine instead of that dumb one.

Or, since you like reps of 3 so much, do 10x3.

And overtraining???? Serious??


I wouldn't necessarily call it under-eating, but i'm on 3500+ calories a day, all which is based upon my energy/recovery needs for that day, i'm talking about the type of over training where I would just hit the mental wall constantly, i'm trying too keep it as basic as possible.

I could keep it to just squat,dead,bench and overheads, but my last routine was based on that type of simplicity, so I want to experiment a bit with different exercises like the front squat, hang-clean ect.


it's mainly the cardio throughout the week that kills me


you play college basketball? You should have a S&C coach that can give you a program.


we don't really have a decent strength coach in my college, if we do they're be tutoring lessons and such, we have a really good Olympic lifting room, but it gets used like twice a year which is a shame really, all of the trainers we have in the gym at college are more of the 'do a squat on a bosu ball with 2kg weights for the best workout ever' type of trainers, so you kinda have to take the research into your own hands.


you talk about this and "hitting the mental wall".

what do you mean by this? boredom?


just majorly tired and not being able to walk properly for days after, i get more than enough sleep ect, but it's training every day, balls out for hours upon end, it's not so bad off-season, but in-season it just really fucks the mind.


fffffffffffffooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooodddddddddddddddddddddddddd, stuff your face 1hr before bed at least, if during the day is a problem

also, what does the circuit training entail? sounds like a sucky situation


at the risk of overstepping my bounds, I'd say you might still be undereating at what you say is 3500+ calories.

I take in probably between 3-3.5k on training days, no cardio, long rest periods (3-5 minutes between working sets), but the actual lifting is balls to the wall, and I do two-a-days because of my work schedule (for instance today was AM chest, PM back). I take in about 2-2.5k or so on non-training days and that's only because it's harder to eat at work. depending on what I worked last before I go to work, I may feel like I've been hit by a truck... but this is VASTLY improved over how I have felt in the past before I started eating a lot more. back then, I felt like I was run over by the truck and dragged a few blocks.

if I had to do basketball-specific training and games on top of that, I'd probably feel like you do.

don't underestimate the role of calories in your recovery.


alot of military based things(pressups,jerry can walks,burpees ect), my college course is about preparing me for the marines.


i'm gonna up my food intake over the next week or so and see how i feel, i like the two training sessions a day thing, how's that working out for you? because i'm kinda in the same situation with fitting everything around work and college


tbh, I think it sucks. I feel like if I were able to hit one body part a day, I might be able to handle more volume than I can now because the day's calories would go mostly to that one body part rather than two, or I would be able to progress faster because I'd have more energy to devote to each lift.

also, as of now I'm still progressing decently but I think that if I ever start hitting big numbers on my lifts that working two-a-days in this style will be impossible. for instance, my squat working weight is only 205 this week. I think that once that gets closer to 3 pps that I'll be too wiped out to do a second session. I'm not sure how much more I can increase my intake to mitigate this as my meals are already man vs food challenges at only 3.5k cals and my GERD is creeping in.

if this does happen in the future, I might be able to do a smaller body part as the second session. of course, I won't know until I get there.