Having to Quit Cycle Early. Advice?


So I am on my first cycle running Test E at 500mg a week pinned twice a week. I am 3 weeks in and just found out I have a trip I have to take for work going to Germany for two months. I will be leaving at the end of this month which is right in the middle of my cycle. My schedule was supposed to be clear through the whole cycle but this trip came out of nowhere and really messed up my schedule. I have plenty of Nolvadex on hand for my PCT but what concerns me is waiting two weeks after my last injection to begin nolva which gives me only two weeks of my planned four week pct. my question is will it be sufficient since it was not a full cycle? What would someone who is more experienced do in my scenario? Thank you in advance for your reply’s and if any additional information is required I will provide it.

Start your pct in two weeks and then just finish it in German. Nolva, depending on where it’s from, can look like every other pill on the planet. Just throw your remaining pills in a bottle of vitamins and go on your merry way.

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During my research (countless hours) test and tren do a pretty good job of lean bulking as long as you eat in caloric excess and high protein diet. There are so many theories and opinions it’s truly hard to decide what path to take. As to what I’ve read though, test,tren and eq make an amazing combination and I wouldn’t have to fight estrogen as hard as if I threw dbol in for 3-4 week (my original plan) plus I have experience with tren and know that the sides aren’t as prominent in me as they are in many.

That is pretty much what I had planned on doing but I wanted to see if anyone could offer some better guidance. Thank you for the reassurance . Another thing I’m curious about is having taken the test e for such a short of a duration as I did (I had yet to feel the “kick” I keep reading about) does this effect my overall recoevery time? I had planned on doing a four week PCT, waiting another eight weeks after my PCT ended, and then getting labs done before starting another cycle. I’ll be getting my labs done regardless but out of curiosity do you think my natural production will bounce back faster than if I had done a full cycle?

Hard to say. Once you’re shutdown you need to start over again. Whether or not you bounce back faster because of a shorter cycle is up for debate. I’ve heard arguments from both sides and I’m unconvinced that a shorter cycle can be recovered from more quickly. But it’s individual and thus difficult to say what happens person to person.

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Fair enough, Thank you. Final question is there anyway you can send me some references or links to some really solid material on how to run cycles and PCT. I have read a quite a bit and Have a general idea but this seems to be a subject you can’t be educated enough on. Only requesting because the more I read on the forums and such the more I find just find contradicting information from various people.