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Having Surgery in a Month. Okay to Take a SERM and AI While on Pain Pills?

So, I’m about to order some Clomid and Anatrozole. I’m having surgery in about 6 days and then another surgery next month. I’ll have to be on pain killers for about a week after each surgery. Is it okay to take a SERM and AI while on opioid pain kills and if it isn’t, should I just wait to start my treatment after all my surgeries? I’m also worried about estrogen rebound if I just abruptly stop taking the SERM and AI.

yes that is OK. You might feel unwell stopping SERM+AI even if no surgery is involved. Maintaining an anabolic state will improve healing.

Women have cancer surgeries while using those drugs. Pain meds are of no consequence, but do carry a significant risk for some people who are predisposed to addiction.

Okay and I assume that I can take the SERM and AI the day before and day of surgery as well, correct? I know certain things you shouldn’t take before surgery.

That will be fine.

Docs do not want large dose vit-C or aspirin before surgery. Avoid aspirin for weeks if possible. They may want aspiring post-surgery to avoid blood clots.