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Having Squat Issues



Early nomination for best post of the year right here.


awwwwwww shucks. just doin’ my job!


hey everyone ! today is leg day and i switched things up a bit. Moved to low bar , and widened my stance up a bit , as well as pointed my toes about 10 degrees outward more. I can say that this really improved my issues. Gonna continue learning the movement with low bar , and see what progress i can achieve. Thank you for all the replies !


Try front squats. I bet you a hundred bucks they feel better.


Where’s the vidz at


Hey everyone. I made a thread about this the other day , in which i said my squat has been feeling off , and that im getting a hip pinch at the bottom of my squat. Heres a video. I believe the slight lower back arch could be a problem. Any tips. Thanks !


Slight lower back arch?! That’s an Excessively excessive lower back arch.

When you brace, use your abs to bring your ribs closer to your pelvis, so you can use abs, obliques, glutes and low back to brace. Right now you’re arching/extending your back so much you can’t brace properly. Its like all low back.

Check out this move to learn to use your abs and glutes to control your hip joint. This should help with the hip pinch.

And these moves to help use abs, obliques and glutes in bracing and keeping a more neutral spine.

And this to put it all together.


thank you very much !


a video with an empty bar is useless. You have to have weight on the bar for us to see what your squat actually looks like under a load. There’s no form breakdown here. Put at least 75% of your max on the bar and hit a few reps for us to be able to assess your squat better.


You dont unrack a actual bar with weight on it like that do you?


extending your back too much increases the likelihood of hip impingement. You are already going well below parallel, you don’t need to go deeper than you can go without pain. And learn how to brace instead of hyperextending your back.


Yes, set your back like you’re going to squat not like you’re a porn actress posing for a shot where someone is doing you from behind.

Think about it, if you arch your back like that your pelvis tilts forward which closes the angle between your hips and legs. This gives you legs far less room to move into.


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