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Having Sex on a Cycle?


im probably gonna get flamed for this. but ive searched everywhere and cant find the exact anwser im looking for. when on a cycle. is it fine to have alot of sex. lol... i mean i know when ur not on it ur body reproduces its own test levels but since ur injecting them does it have a counter effect on it?


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How old are you? Open up a biology text book. You're test levels don't drop from having sex. You do not ejaculate testosterone to the extent that you don't have any in your body until youre "ready to go again".

You're question doesn't make sense from any perspective I can see. Fix it so it can be understood by other people.


I have never been on the juice, but i've heard stories. A guy I used to work with was a pro bodybuilder, and he said that for the first month or so of a cycle he would be screwing like a rabbit, waking his wife up in the middle of the night and what not. After a while though, he couldnt even get an erection. A total 180. Biologically, I don't think sex reduces test levels actually, so screwing shouldnt lower the levels your injecting if that is what your asking. Im not an expert and dont claim to be however.


i apoligize. you anwsered my question correctly sir.


if your test levels dropped by having sex, I would be a woman by now.


if your test levels dropped by having sex, I would be the manliest man of all time! ....wait.... :frowning:


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On a related side note. I had heard whispers of impotence regarding what I consider regular AAS use. I have experience lack of drive but this is due to a pre-existing condition.

Anyone else experience drops in libido or impotency issues post cycle. If so what do you think caused it?


Mark Rippetoe say don't have sex or masturbate EVER!


No! You idiot. You will be injecting all that precious test into your your partner, whoever or whatever that may be, that you initially injected into yourself. So, if that happens to be a girl we are talking about she will grow a mustache amongst other things. Duh.



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post cycle yes.

its cause is basically a shift of your hormones from test dominant to estrogen dominant. just like when on cycle and you have a problem with low libido it is possibly due to too much estrogen.

I found that using an AI during pct helps to combat this.
this is considering the cycle was a test based cycle.
there's other variables but most of the time this is why.


Administering small doses of Testosterone, say 50 mg/week. Can skyrocket the libido of a female.

This is no doubt, obvious to the overwhelming majority of you blokes. I have never done this but I cannot help wonder how many actually have???