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Having Second Thoughts


Hey guys,

I have decided to do a cycle.

I'm up to 200 pounds which is the heaviest I have been. I'm 5 foot 9 inchs, about 10 percent body fat.

I had planned to do a 10 week cycle. Monday and thursday injections. 2 ml a week so 500 mg of test (4 different esters/sustanon).

For PCT I have Nolvadex on hand here, was going to start about 2 and a half weeks after last injection and run for four weeks. 40/40/20/20.

Did my first injection today. I must say I have been having some anxiety about the whole thing. I've got a pretty annoying pain in my leg know, feels like someone charlie horsed me.

My fiance and I have one daughter now she is one and a half, my fiance wants at least one more kid maybe two.

Mainly I'm worried about long term effects of this. Are my test levels going to return to what they are now? Is my fertility going to be affected by this.

I've did some research and found other people have had issues with low t after cycles but this is also with multiple compounds, test plus deca, test plus deca plus winstrol etc...

Any advice is appreciated.



no two people recover the same.. you could permanently mess up your testosterone levels in which case you would be on TRT for life if you wanted high levels..

it's the price you pay for the games you play.

as for fertility.. there has never been a case of permanent sterility from steroid use..

you will need an AI


I think you will be fine. Like walkway mentioned no two people will recover the same, it's a gamble we all choose. But done properly the possibility of decreasing your natural T levels and becoming sterile (which is unlikely even if natural T levels are decreased) can be avoided. With proper AI use and pct you should recover just fine, but do take in consideration there is always that possibility. Take everything in moderation and don't go overboard you should be alright.

Also the pain in your leg will go away, just virgin muscle is all.


I'd say you shouldn't do it.

From the sound of things it doesn't seem like you're intending to do many cycles which means that your testosterone levels will eventually drop down below the levels they once were before.

Unless I'm mistaken, even with proper PCT implemented your natural testosterone levels will never return to normal completely after stopping a cycle so there really is no point in doing steroids unless you plan to do them for life.


USAWChamp, you are right. I don't plan on doing a lot of cycles.


Lets say I do not take another injection. I have only taken one 1cc injections of sust 250. Would I have to take a pct or would I be fine?

Also, can someone direct me to some solid studies on test levels after sustanon cycles. I have been looking around and there is so much conflicting information on this topic. Some people's natural levels return to normal then you hear these horror stories of people ending up on TRT after one cycle. This is what got me freaked out.

Thanks guys,


quitting after 1 pin? lmao..


Doing steroids is like getting married. If your heart isn't in it then you really shouldn't be doing it. One pin will do nothing you'll recover fine with no pct. It is possible to cycle safely and recover but it does depend on your personal makeup (everyones different), and there's a ton of shit and bro science out there on how to do it properly. Sifting through it is confusing for most.


It seems that everybody here is dead set on the 12 week cycle being bare minimum.

What about a slightly shorter cycle like 10 or 8 weeks? Wouldn't this make it easier to recover faster?

Why does a cycle have to be 12 weeks?


cycle length is largely dependent on the compound used..


It doesn't. You can run two weekers no problem at all. Recovery is definately easier. The only problem I have with them is you end up using more serm overall and since most seems are toxic, I prefer to avoid them, or use ones that clear fast.


That's cool because I don't feel too comfortable making my first cycle 12 weeks.

There is a chance I may not like the way steroids make me feel so if I decide this isn't or me I want to be able to still be a fully functioning male who doesn't have to go on TRT.

I just figured an 8 week cycle with testosterone at 400 mg/week would be enough time for results but also give me a chance to recover.