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Having Problems with First Tren Cycle

Hey there,

My prior experiences of running test e only went amazing. Aside from soreness after pinning I had no real issues.

I got some test p and tren A and have been having hell with it. I was hoping someone could shine some light on this.
First pin in my right thigh went okay, but I was extremely sore for a few days. I also got flu like symptoms for about a day after that. I read about that and decided it was my body reacting to the new chemicals.
2nd pin went into my left thigh. Again I got sick for about a day, but had less soreness. On this pin there was a large (softball size) red area that was warm to the touch for about 5 days. It’s finally going away though.
3rd pin went into my right butt cheek. Again got sick and it’s decently sore, but the weird thing about this one is it’s sore all the way up into my lower back on that side with noticeable swelling. Is it normal for swelling from ass shots to go that high? Keep in mind I’ve never pinned there before, I usually do my thighs.
I’m using 22gaX1in pins, sterilizing everything, being safe etc. 100mg of test and 100mg of tren EOD with proviron and blocker at the same time.
Is this just how tren is or do I have junk gear??

Well you got test prop and tren a both notorious for causing slight pip especially to virgin muscles.

But what your describing sounds a bit more harsh. If it’s not due to bad technique and you keep getting sick it’s either a shitty brewing job or something in the oil your allergic to.

Test at least can form crystals. You can’t always tell just by looking at the bottle either. You can run the bottle under hot water, and that will cause the crystals to break down and become liquid. This could potentially help with pip.

Never pin prop in yur leg…yur gonna have a bad time mmkay…
22g doesn’t sound horrible maybe you need thinner pin like a 25… also are u drawing with the 22s & banging it with the same 22? If so could be dull pin + the prop is gonna sting… try loading with a 18 and pin with fresh 22 or 25…keep area clean…for now just try ass shots…that’s least painful spot

Testosterone has a metabolite, etiocholanolone that is immunostimulatory, test P gives a much sharper spike in T, rather than a build up from the shorter esters. The immunostimmulatory effect of etiocholanolone can give flu like symptoms.

Unsure whether tren has an equivalent metabolite. Etiochanolone is formed from 5b-DHT, tren doesn’t have affinity for 5a reductase but for 5b reductase???

That and propanoic acid is an irritant to skeletal muscle

Mkay was from Mr Mackey, a recurring secondary character with a massive head. The “you’re gonna have a bad time” was from S6E2 with the ski instructor when the boys all go to Aspen

Loading with a 21 switching to a 22 to pin. I asked for 25’s but the pharmacy was out of them. I don’t think I can just rotate between two sites, they would still be sore when it was time to hit it again

Appreciate the reply,

I’ll admit I was a little shaky in the glute but the swelling on the back is what I thought was weird.

Will my body adapt and overcome or should I call it quits since I just started?

You can order them on the internet. I cant name sources but its easy & leagal in USA.
As far as pin sites your correct you need 3 for a eod schedule. Which works great for prop imo. I go left cheek, right cheek, left rear delt. Allota bros dont like shoulder pins but here is my technique. I pin shoulder with 29g slin pin. So on my shoulder pin day I load 1ml prop bang the shoulder. .5ml tren ace bang the shoulder if sore just pin ace in a quad. I find tren doesn’t do much in sorness its the prop. The butt darts are mixed in a 3ml barrel. Yes you can pin shoulders with a 23g but 29 stings less.
My buddy is running a prop cycle too & hes too much of a puss to pin shoulders so he suffers through prop leg like an idiot. I think prop is fantastic stuff but yes you really need 3 sites otherwise its gonna hurt. I wouldn’t tap out over pip unless its bad gear infection. Prop is a bitch at first but once you get the hang of it youll love it. Super ez to stack with & gainz are great

Definitely gonna try the shoulder.
I’m guessing I’ve gotta be allergic to something because my ass shot is doing the same as my 2nd leg shot… getting a big red swollen circle around it

I had this same exact issue with test e 300… I was running test c 250 with no problems and switched to test e 300 and had the same reactions you are explaining. I called it quits after three pins because the pain was so bad I couldn’t even train… My whole butt cheek would
Be red and warm to touch and would spread for first 3-4 days then start to get better around day 5. I’m assuming it was something my body was allergic too… I’d call it quits and try a different source… not worth feeling sick all the time

Get some better needles. 1/2" insulin syringes will still get you IM. The only 22g i ever used went in too deep and fucked up my leg for like a week. Felt like I hit a nerve or something. Did IM with 1/2" 30g for a month no issues then switched to subq