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Having Problems Keeping Intensity Up


I used to workout with Upper/ Lower splits and I had really intense and volumous workouts.
I never had any downtime because while I was resting a muscle, I would be working its opposite and then go straight back to it.

Now I am on a Pecs/ Tricepts/ Shoulders, Back/ Traps/ Bicepts, Legs/ Abs. Split and I basically do 3 x 10 of about 5-7 exercises. (people were saying that I was tiring myself oput with workout with too much volume and too many major muscle groups)

I feel that I never "heat up" though and get really sweaty and this pisses me off because it makes me feel as though as my workout is being unproductive.

Anyone got any suggestions on what I could do during my resting time in order to bring intensity up and stimulate the muscle while not affecting rest??


I'm having difficulty understanding, but you may be halfway to answering your own question.

Try lowering the volume, but increasing the intensity. That is, lift heavier, closer to your 1RM.

I just reread, and I think I understand a bit better. I always tell people to remove emotion from their training and focus on objective results. You FEEL your workouts are unproductive, but are they? Maybe you're just not a sweaty person. I, however, sweat profusely when my carbs are higher and I'm working very large muscle groups without significant rest time.

Focus on if you're growing, getting stronger, or losing fat, not how much you're sweating. Perhaps you are being a bit of a puss in the gym and could stand to work yourself harder...so focus on that too.


Are you doing isolation or compound exercises?


My take on this is that if you're going balls to the wall during every set with nearly as much weight as you can lift for that rep range, you should take your rest time to do just that - rest. If you're lifting heavy weights (relatively speaking), that should be enough to stimulate your target muscle.

I probably take anywhere from 2-5 minutes rest between sets (about 2 minutes for most lifts, almost always 5 when squatting) and always leave the gym with a sweat drenched T shirt.


I am doing compounds exercises and I feel that If i rest less that I do now, then my lifts on my next set will no attain as much as I would like.

Increasing intensity is easy. Just have to do mroe exercises. But the things is that I was told not to.
What can I do between compound exercises to increase the intensity in my workout while still creating maximal stimulus?


It sounds like you feel unproductive if you are not continuously moving...correct? So, you want something to do while you are waiting to recover between sets?


Man the options are endless. Increase the load, decrease the rest time between sets, superset a compound exercise with a isolation exercise, use a compound set for the same muscle group, try DC training, mix up your sets x reps...really the possibilities are endless for increasing your intensity.

I really like working a main muscle group like chest for instance, and supersetting it with like abdominals, or calves. It's like active recovery. I mean comeon you can train with super high intensity for chest and then go right into a set of calves or abs without too much residual fatigue.

It also reduces the amount of rest periods you're taking so when you're working out, you're hardly ever sitting still.




Get a drink of water.

But really, if you'e giving maximum effort on a set, your body should be begging for a break to rest. This suggests to me your intensity is weak, and you are leaving a lot on the table for each set. Increasing intensity does not infer to add more exercises, rather to increase effort. Give more effort on all your sets, and you won't have this apparent ADHD problem between sets.



Doing about 6-7 exercises per workout and 4 x 10 sounds good?

Is that enough volume?
and should take me about 1h?

(pecs + shoulders +Triceps) / (biceps + back+ traps) / (Legs + abs)