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Having Off Days In the Gym


Hi guys, im new on here.
I've been lifting for about 2 serious years now, and had a question about off days. Every so often i'll have day in the gym where i feel like shit. Just so happens today is one of those days. Last workout i bench pressed 270 for 5 reps. Today i struggled to put up 3. Last time i did chest was about 5 days ago so my muscles are completely recuperated. I also just started my senior year in high school so im a little off schedule.

Does anyone else experience these days, and if so wht do you do to recover from this? For the most part its really a mental blow and will make me have a shitty remainder of a workout.



I've been there and sometimes it's part of weightlifting sleep food water rest all are invloved with keeping your stregth high on the other hand some days i go in the gym and can't do anything wrong when you're off it sucks


Its usuals food for myself, though sleep could also be a big reason. If i decide to have fast food then work out hour or so later my lifts suffer badly.


It's probably from the stress from starting school. Your body handles every kind of stress the same way, whether it be physical or mental stress. I just started college this week, and some of my assistant lifts that I've been doing have stalled on me, I think getting back to a routine with school in it was part of the equation why some of lifts didn't progress.


When this happens to me, I just lower the weight and try to make it feel heavy.

For instance, I can leg press about 360kgs. But I was off last week. So I loaded up 240kgs and concentrated on my form, really drawing out the eccentric, pausing at the bottom and squeezing to come up.

I used a safer weight, still got a great session in.

So try just going to your capabilities. You can't be strong every day.