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Having Issues with Sex Drive and Mr. Happy


Where to even begin, it’s been a long hard road that I still don’t have answers too. In the summer of 2014 started having major marriage problems, while working through them started feeling extra shitty. Did some research online and thought I maybe had low t.

Finally got tested and ever since then I’ve been batteling with a really low sex drive and major problems maintaining a useful erection. I’ve been to an endocrinologist, urologist and my family doctor and they all have the same consensensis my levels are fine and it’s all in my head. I’ve been tested multiple times this year ranging from 8.6 to 16.8 nmol/L and 400 to 650 pmol/L. I started on test injections in July and I’ve been on 300mg a week of test cyp and using 6.25 mg of aromasin twice a week.

My last test results:
Free test- 1217 pmol/L
Test am- 33.9 nmol/L
Shbg- 25 nmol/L
Cortisol- 476nmol/L
Estradiol- 81 pmol/L
Test/Shbg- 1.36

I’m 34 years old, 6’2, 248 pounds and have barely any fat. I usually sleep around 7-8 hours a night and hit the gym 3-4 days a week. I’m just wondering if I’m missing something here that I’m not sure about. Or maybe it’s a combination of things in my head or depression. Super frustrating, next step maybe a sex therapist? Oh and also forgot to mention I’m taking 150mg of Wellbutrin a day as well. Oh my life, thanks in advance​:grimacing::grimacing:


Kinda going through same thing Bro! I want to smash everything but my wife of 14 years. We fought like cats and dogs for years and little less now. Stuck together for kids. I think its possible its just the mental connection leaves after so many years fighting. My opinion


I don’t know about these units but this seems too high and may the cause of your problems. Are you taking an anti E?


Lol I’m not sure if the units of measurement are different from the states to Canada. I was going off my test result sheet from my last blood panel. I’m currently taking 12.5 mg of aromasin a week. I’ve read online that my number should be around the 35 to 40 mark. Not sure if I’m taking enough aromasin or not. What do you think??


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Your E2 is perfect KSman says it should be at E2=22pg/ml which is equal to 80.762 pmol/

you need to post your labs with ranges!

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I thought that is was Mr. Majestic and Mrs. Happy