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Having Issues With Hips During Squats


My stats are:
6'2 213lbs ~14-16% BF
Squat - 325lbs 3x5
Bench - 245lbs 3x5
Press - 165lbs 3x5
Row - 200lbs 3x5
Deadlift - 350lbs 2x5

I'll start eating a lot more, trying to go for a bulk and make great gains until maybe 2 or 3 weeks in. After resting the weekend my hip flexors seem to just shrivel up. Flexibility is never an issue on Squats until I rest too much(?). I sit quite a lot but I've been doing basic hip and hamstrings flexes so I'm unsure as to the cause or if there's anything I can do to fix this.

As it stands I basically cannot do heavy Squats with a full ROM, when I usually have no issues. I can't workout effectively


I had this same problem. Do a hip flexor stretch at least once a day. I hold it for about 60 seconds each side, stretching further as time goes on.

This one:


i have the same problem, too. stretching, yeah. also foam rolling to help the flexor relax. also goblet squat stretch.


foam roll -> Defranco's agile 8


foam rolling helped me get closer to parallel. foam rolling + the agility drills helped me hit it.