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Having Histamine Response to BPC 157

Tried BPC 157. Had a histamine response within an hour. Itchy, swollen eyes. Stopped it for 2 days, eyes back to normal. Tried again. Same result. Disappointed because I really need something for tendinitis.

You’re better off man.

Nothing comes without a cost.

BPC-157 still has side effects and there is a facebook group dedicated to it. Some people have had long standing changes in their brain for the worse and nothing can be done about it unfortunately.

However if you’re getting it from a compounding pharmacy it may not be so bad.

Maybe HGH or one of the secretagogue could possibly help.

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We can’t discuss sources here, but it’s a highly faked peptide. You are the first I have seen to report this specific issue, but I have seen the mental stuff as someone else has mentioned.

However, if you look at the folks on FB claiming such issues, most have had mental issues prior to starting. Using medications to handle OCD, Anxiety, Depression, Bipolar disorder, and many others. So it’s tough to know exactly whose at most risk.

I took BPC with great results, and am planning to start again.

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