Having High E2 But Experiencing Low E2 Symptoms

Do u all think, i should try hcg and test combined to see if it could work out ? in this way i´d have my balls running like it was at the beginning ( when i felt good after 3 weeks) and i´d have higher T too, the only reason that would explain this, is that my body maybe can only use the estradiol converted in the testicles.

Can someone help me figure this problem out ?thanks

Don’t even know how that would work, since we have AE all over our body and organs.

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Yes but my symptoms are of low E2, im just supposing cz i dont know anymore what to do, so u think that what i say is impossible ?

I don’t know man a lot of symptoms overlap and in some cases I read people posting symptoms completely contradicting one another in regards to high vs low.

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Estrogen problems aren’t the only thing that can cause these symptoms you describe. Your E2 is high, yet you complain of low E2 symptoms.

Do you not see a problem here?

If I felt like I had low e2, but labs showed that my e2 was fine or high, then I would re-assess what I thought “low e2 symptoms” were

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Yes, I do

No libido, no morning wood, no energy, brain fog (big time!), heavy palpitations are all high E2 for me.

Hair loss never heard of that or went through it.

Dry skin and dehydration I don’t have a problem with my E2 lower, I have read people claiming this though. Like I said I have developed dry cracked lips with higher end E2 so I don’t know this is one of those contradictory things. I feel better hydrated when me E2 is in check or lower because it feels like I actually move water through my system efficiently and do not dehydrate if I am not depriving myself of water, while higher E2 retains it supposedly it tends to not sit well with my prostate or urinary tract and I don’t like it. It feels like water is retained but to uncomfortable and diminishing returns or even worse status in my case, and doesn’t help “hydration”.

Muscle or join pain is another two people claim for low E2 but I never had this problem either, knock on wood. Can’t speak for joint pain but conversely(and I said sometimes contradictory) I have felt muscle pain with higher E2. Maybe that’s confirmation bias I don’t know.

Disclaimer I seem to like my E2 on the lower end so I am not speaking for crashed E2, I am speaking for <30 in my case.

Not everyone is going to feel good with high T or high E2.

So lower your dosage.

i do see the problem but the point is that now is high cz i took 275mg of test so of course its high but even before starting taking the 275mg i had the same symptoms

i tried low dose at the beginning with the 1% gel than 125mg and then 275 mg a week and none of them worked

Oh man, my hands get so dry and flaky when e2 is too low. Skin feels kinda raw