Having High E2 But Experiencing Low E2 Symptoms

Hi guys, im 21 years old Italian but live in Germany ,its been more than 1 year that I’m experiencing low e2 symptoms but before i even knew that it was my problem for a whole year i went to every type of doctor trying to find the reason of my symptoms which are the following : hair loss, dry skin, constant dehydration, painfull and cracky joints, muscle pain, almost no libido, no morning woods, no energy at all (always exhausted), less hunger, brain fog ( i even get blurry vision when i read ) and my heart pumps very fast every time i move or whatever i do causing high bp (cardiologist says my heart pumps fine and i have no problem with it ). All the test i did looked fine except for 1 thing (i have been insulin resistant for 3 4 months and during that time i had dizziness to but now its gone). Last thing i tried was the endocrinologist who got me tested for total testosterone shbg and dhea, they came out at : 513 total t, 25shbg and 481dhea, so the doc decided to get me on testosterone only and i started with 1% cream for 1 month, on the third week i started to feel better on every aspect but on the fourth week i felt bad again, after that i started with injection and i did 7 weeks on 125 mg t enanthate but no improvements so we upped the dose to 250 mg for the remaining 3 week but still no improvements , after this 10 weeks on testosterone i asked for and estradiol test and it came out at 77 pg/ml and the test came out at 1130 (tested the day before the injection on once a week injection). One thing i forgot to say is that my testicles are very small 6mm c.a. but the doc says they have no problem, the point i wanna make is that after the initial 3 week i felt better because i had more t in the body and still my testicle working but as soon as my body recognized the external t it stopped the conversion in the testicles and i felt like shit again, i told this to my doctor trying to get and hcg prescription but she denied it and now i dont know what to do, i even went to an other endocrinologist to get the prescription but they all say the same: “your bloodwork looks fine and we cant give you anything”. I hope u guys can help me, thank u. (i forgot to say that all these problems started last year when i lost 15 kg in 2-3 months, and before those i lost other 15 kg 8 months but i had no problems after the first 15kg lost but when last summer i lost the other i started to have the problems i mentioned over.)

Mother of run-on sentences.

6mm diameter?

If 6mm diameter, was this pre or during TRT? The doc saying this isn’t a problem is suspect IMO.

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You ever had you had your thyroid checked? A lot of those symptoms can also be caused by hypothyroidism.

You should have just lowered your dosage at this point, because I believe your symptoms are from levels that are too high. You felt better at week #3 because your levels were closer to optimal for you.

Your testicles are irrelevant on TRT, any shrinkage is purely cosmetic.

This all sounds like a thyroid problem, so my advice is you should check the TSH, Free T4 and Free T3.

the initial dose was already low cz was the 1% gel and an higher dose shouldn’t give problem anyways, if estradiol was high (which is) should give me symptoms of high estradiol but i have the same exact symptoms as before hopping on trt , for the thyroid is everything all right, like i said all the blood works look fine, i even checked cortisol and aldosterone and they are fine too

the size is been measured before hopping on trt, i guess is the diameter because the normal size is between 15 and 20 mm and mine are 6

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Testes measuring 1/4" diameter isn’t normal and your doctor saying it is concerns me.

Do you have a history of past hormonal issues? Delayed onset puberty, anything like that?

I have always been healthy, from 11 to 19 years old i have been obese and when i lost weight all these problem showed out . The only problem i also got was gout (high uric acid) and im still taking medication (allopurinol) to keep it low and now it doesnt give me problem anymore but i had severe back pain because of that but now its ok. (allopurinol has no side effects)

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Too many guys come in here and say that, then I wake them up. Best to provide labs to be sure.

The testosterone declines due to acquired medical conditions, you’re trying to circumvent a medical condition that is lowering the testosterone. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

What are your fasting glucose and A1C numbers?

I almost forgot, I didn’t show any benefits on TRT injecting 1-2x weekly, only daily and EOD. I am starting to believe that men with metabolic syndrome (me to) show more benefit on very frequent dosing, like daily and EOD.

I’m pretty sure this is your problem as to why you felt no improvements like you did on the topical, because of the dosing frequency being frequent.

What was your protocol?

here are the blood tests, the gel was applied every day but even if like u say might improve on EOD or ED than why i felt like shit again on fourth week ? now im not taking testosterone anymore bc here in germany doctors look at numbers and not on how u actually feel.

Your TSH is elevated higher than I believe it should be. Some might disagree but I believe a well running thyroid would have you closer to 1, as that is usually where they aim for during treatment. I had similar numbers when I first tested as well and was experiencing the symptoms. Mine raised even more on subsequent tests and am now being treated for hypothyroidism.

Hey, uhh, you might want to make these labs a bit more anonymous


That’s because there is a knowledge gap, so they stick to what they know and were taught, in range is normal. This way there no need for critical thinking.

Part of the diagnosis is using clinical judgement, weighing the numbers against the symptoms.

Maybe, then again maybe not, but you’re not exactly experiencing a high quality of life at this moment are you?

You can’t just get stuck in limbo, you need to make a change and hope it gets you moving in the right direction.

thank u for the advice i will look into it, you other guys think the same about this high TSH ?

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my life is not perfect but i dont have stress or anxiety of any kind

His free T3 is almost out of the range high and we are suggesting he might be hypothyroid? Come on guys. Some people’s TSH just runs a little higher.


Welcome to the jungle @FunkOdyssey

If your fT3 ain’t 5 pg/ml or above you ain’t really trying.


Some newborns have fT3 up to 8 pg/ml. Why not shoot for the moon?

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i´ve been reading about tsh t3 and t4, my tsh might be a bit higher than normal but until my ft4 is in the range i shouldn’t get any symptoms and so it does not make sense to me, the only option left is the low e2 which would be explaind by the weight loss. Another thing i forgot to mention is that I have redness in my testicles but the doc says there is nothing wrong with them .