Having Hard Time maintaining muscle

Ive been working out now for a year on and off. I started my first cycle a year ago, i gained 10 lbs of weight and maintained it but I still look very soft it seems hard to really make my muscles stand out any suggestions or ideas as to what could be happening

I’m 6’1 205
I started at 193 to 195 before my first cycle. my bodyfat after the cycle stayed around 12% and has been going up ever sense. I’m now at 16% bodyfat and for the life of me can’t get that shit off…

thanks for the help…js

You look soft because you’re getting fatter. The solution is not to get fat and to add more muscle. Why don’t you tell us what your doing now for training and nutrition?

And what do you mean by ‘cycle’ anyway?

You answered your own question. If you want to get and stay hard you must lift and keep lifting hard.

Hope that helps

davo2 and Phill have said it best!