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Having Both Strength & Size?


you, can't have both?

the reason i am asking. back in august, i started to workout so i could get somewhat stronger. i have lost some of the size i had back then but i am somewhat more stronger. i know my diet is not what it should be. i have bills and sometimes food is food unfortunately. i still though eat healthy.

is it the way i am currenlty eating or when i switch programs i'll gain size?



Is it possible that you lost fat, and not real muscle? Let's be honest here, My arms tape 18", but I know if I were to really shred up, they would be about 17/17.5 if I were lucky. I always gained strength before size, but never lost anything because when I started, I was skinny as shit and didn't have any 'excess' to burn up training.



First, you can get stronger while on a calorie deficit.

If you have gotten stronger, but lost muscle I imagine you are just not eating enough - you said yourself that your diet is not what it should be, but some smart shopping around can get you calorie dense foods which are healthy, if you look around.


Why don't you give us a clearer idea what your dietary habits are, man? It's impossible to make any kind of qualitative statement without more information.

I hear you about budget issues! I'm a freelance illustrator -- my work is boom or bust. It's either feast or famine. I can go a few months without a decent contract, and then be deluged by people who all want their project finished the day after they contact me. So stretching a budget is nothing new. There are ways to make the most of what you have, especially if you're fortunate enough to live in a region with a farmer's market.