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Having Blood Drawn Tomorrow

Short story: I will be having my blood drawn tommorow for my migraines. I injected my first dosage (2 cc of testosterone cypianate) just yesterday (wednsday).

My question (1): Will that first injection have an impact on the tests that will be abnormal?

My question (2): Will they even find anything suspicious about the drug test and/or can I claim the use of prohormones?

This was out of nowhere…if I had known I would have my blood drawn I would have waited to inject. Should I go ahead with the test or make up some lame excuse?

Any advice at all would be helpful

Whatever you tell you doc should be confidential. What are the tests for?

I’ve got problems with migraines and he wants to check my vitamin, mineral, hormone, etc. levels to see if that has any part in triggering them.

There is absolutly nothing he can do other than chew me out?

Even if they are checking your hormone levels there should be little to no change with cyp after only two days.

You may get a slightly elevated reading over what is normal for you.