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Having a Hard Time Finding a Doctor


I was diagnosed with having low test two years ago and do not know how long I have had this problem. I have had symptoms that could have been low test since before I was seventeen years old and now I am thirty-one.

I am having a hard time finding a doctor that knows what the hell theyâ??re doing. I have learned more from reading here then from the doctors that I have seen. I am on Cypionate 1ml every ten days. When tested at five days after injection test level was 648. However, at day six I start feeling tired, depressed and over emotional. Some of the articles that I have read have said something about needing to use Nolvadex with Cypionate.

The tests that have been run are few, but I do know that off test supplements my number was 32, yes 32. The doctor did do an MRI and it showed no pituitary lesion or mass. My numbers are:

Transferrin 215mg

Ferritin 89 NG

Iron 30MCG

Prolactin10.3 NG

LH .6 MU

FSH 1.6 MU

Can anyone point me to a reliable and experienced doctor in the Dallas area and/or point me in the direction of what tests should be run, possible concurrent medication and medical studies, etc. that I can take with me to my next appointment?


Did you see the recommendations in the 'finding a TRT doc' sticky?


1 ml of 200 mg/ml T-cyp every 10 days is a good starting dosage, better than what many clueless docs insist on, but administering half of that every 5 days would almost certainly leave you feeling a lot better.

Do read the stickies -- you will learn a lot in a hurry. And welcome.


Thank you for the help, and I will read stickies 'finding a TRT doc'


Ok been doing some reading do I need to be on a ANCILLIARY COMPOUND?



How much reading have you actually done?


Actually reading, every thing I can find I am reading, but at this time I think that I am a bit overwhelmed. So rather than finding answer I am finding more quest gens. I do not have a mentor that I can ask, and doctors that I have seen have been useless. That is way I posted on this web site to try and get some answer.


There really is no YES/NO answer. It all depends on your blood work. Some are fine without AI meds, some need them. Blood tests will tell you if you need an ANCILLARY COMPOUND or not.


iroczinoz Thank you. when I get home in four weeks I going to have some blood work done.