Having a Few Days off for Summer Vacation

I am going on vacation soon, I am going to have to take a few days off as I am burnt out. Will this affect my physique much if I am just having the normal bulking diet? I am just so tired all of the time now.

Fuck dude, you’re probably gonna die. :areyoukiddingme:

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Arthur Jones made a living from guys like you.

Serious question though, what is the effect on gains?

You’re overthinking a minor thing. A few days off isn’t going to erase all your gains, I mean let’s be real do you think all the hard work you’ve put in building muscle and strength is just gonna leave you like that? Just eat around maintainence I guess if you track what you eat and are worried about it… Enjoy yourself on vacation. Seriously. You aren’t gonna die. In the big picture it doesn’t matter as much as you think it does.

You’ll be fine - its a vacation and you should enjoy it. Training is supposed to be enjoyable, not this idiotic “grind” that dulls the blade.

If you are worn down/burnt out this is what I’d recommend:

  1. Make sure you are chasing the correct goal AND are enjoying the process to said goal.
  2. Make sure you are training correctly and programming correctly.
  3. Pursue other interests and hobbies that fulfill your life. To get stronger/get in shape, you don’t have to spend THAT much time addressing this goal. It’s barely a part/part/part-time job so be sure you are actively pursuing other things.
  4. Cut out any other shit that doesn’t fulfill your life.

Your “gains” will be just fine on vacation.


My vacation this year consisted of hiking, a concert (few hours of dancing), and sleeping by a pool. I’ve been eating a bit lighter and drinking a few more beers than usual. Dropped a few pounds but look and feel great, going to absolutely crush my workout this afternoon. A little break can be good for you.