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Having a Boy

Hi peeps

I have a daughter and now my wife and i are looking to have a boy next time.My question is how do i go about having a boy.I have a few things which i find why certain people have boys or girls.
It’s just my theory anyway.
I find that
1.guys who dont work out,smoke,drink,do pot often have boys
2.Athletes generally have girls?
3.guys who wear boxer shorts (more chance for a boy)
4.guys who wear underpants (briefs)generally have girls
Ive done some research on this and it has to do will “ball” temperature? Hot balls for girls and loose cold balls for boys “lol” hmm that just sounds wrong i know :smiley:

But from your experiences how does on go about having a boy? is it just in the males sperm? or does the female also have a say in it?

Thanks in advance


just the male, I think. The exception is if the pregnancies of a certain sex aren’t viable for some reason, and fail. In this case, the woman would determine the sex of children, since only one sex would be carried to term.

I could be way off, though. I don’t know much about these things.

If im not mistaken, it depends on the male sperm only. That is either will have either a Y or X sex chromosome. As for getting what gender you want, in-vitro fertilization I think is the only real dependable option. I cant remember exactly, but they take your sperm and put it into a tumbler and then I think the sperm at the top is Y chromosome and the bottom X. But im far from an expert on this, look up some fertility clinics and Im sure youd find what you are looking for.

Do it upside down in the shower while thinking about your grand-father.

Seriously - everything you listed is urban legend. It’s all the luck of the draw if you go the natural route. IVF will allow you to pick the sex, so they say - but what fun is that? Besides, it’s pretty danged expensive.

The sperm dictate whether it will be a boy or a girl. It’s mostly luck, but you can try to influence things since the “boy” sperm swim faster and die quicker and the “girl” sperm swim slower but last longer. Timing sex to just before ovulation increases chances of a girl vs. right at/just after ovulation increases chances of a boy.

There was actually a post about this same topic not too long ago… Good luck!

Adopt … or pay an F-ton for some genetic manipulation and let em do it in a test tube.

I heard if you drank your urine first thing in the morning helps.

The sperm (X or Y) decides if it’s a girl or a boy. But the EGG chooses which one it lets in.