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Haven't Worked Out in Years

More of a starting point for my self, gauge the before and after with peoples ratings this being the start. Brief story not that any one cares.

Used to workout when I was 17-18 moved away from home and starting eating out all the time and of course havn’t hit the gym in the last 3 years.

went up to 190 lbs of lard during those 3 years mostly sitting around 180 (sorry no pictures) and over the last several months completely changed my nutrition (substituted hamburgers and fast food for smaller cuts of lean meats veggies and that sorta stuff.) and slowly lost 35 lbs.

My goals now are to always have a body fat around 8-10% and increase muscle mass so I sit at around a lean 165. (if any one has any advice on obtaining this please PM me or reply)

Yea. Read some articles on nutrtion and weight lifting. Pretty simple, considering your on a bodybuilding website.

Fuck you people are lazy as shit. Your goals are unbelievably pedestrian and you have the audacity to ask for people to give their time answering a question that has been answered thousands of times before? Nice try

If you are actually interested in working out then I would suggest reading the four stickied threads at the top of this forum. I will say that you probably won’t find much encouragement from the locals if your goals are a “muscular” 165…