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Haven't Worked Out In a Year...


I accepted a job over a year ago that has just dominated my entire life. My routine has been eat sleep work, eat sleep work, and repeat. I have now changed jobs and find myself with more time to take care of myself. I gained about 15 lbs of what can only be fat and I would like to lose 25.

I've done research on the site ns I think I have narrowed the options to CTs Refined physique transformation and Don Alessis meltdown training.

Are there other routines that I should strongly consider? Which of these would be a better choice for me?

Also, is the diet outlined in CTs article essentially the same as the Atkins diet?

Thanks guys.


5/3/1. Run sprints every day until you get to your target weight, and then sprint at least 3x a week. Lift heavy and eat well.


The routine will make next to no difference to fat loss, fat loss is largely due to diet.

Similar but not the same:
Atkins counts the carbs in vegetables, CT doesn't.
CT has a carb up periodically, Atkins doesn't.
Atkins has several phases, most people think of the Atkins diet being the Atkins diet induction phase.
BTW; not sure which article you are reading but CT has revised his initial article with the "Refined Physique Transformation" article.


No offense chris 87 - but he shouldnt do sprints everyday straight off.
OP - work up to that, they will really help, just dont fuck yourself up


Thanks Guys. The main difference I noticed between CTs transformation and meltdown training is that CT seemed to be a little more focused on heavier lifting. That's why I can't decide what's better. I think there might have been an article lately on why high reps and low weight was dumb, but I can't find it. Anyone care to chime in on that matter?


Since you only talked about losing weight I will assume that is your primary focus.
If I wanted to drop a lot of weight quick I would go with the V-Diet:
Think of it as a kick start to your health and while you are doing the 6 week (with transition) diet you can decide what strength gaining/diet program to go on after.


shit. Yes OP, work up to this, don't just jump into to it.