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Haven't Talked About Kasushi Sakuraba Lately


I cant stand to see him still fight
but here is an old grappling clinic with him
and Carlos Newton, sure its dated,

But the Grappling is insane.






Good stuff, preciate the link kmc.

Speaking of Sakuraba, where is analog_kid? Haven't seen him around here in a long time, he's a big Sakuraba fan. He had that avatar of Sakuraba choking out one of the Gracie's.


heh, anyone hear any Rickson rumors lately? I hadn't heard any in a long time til my instructor mentioned that he thinks Rickson is going to fight Saku within the next year. Add that to the million other times I've heard that in the past ten years, but the first time I've ever heard Relson say it.


XEN!!!!! thanks for the bump

I am a huge Sakurab fan, but I I also realize his time is long up.
Its strange Pride went to great lengths
to showcase Saku, but also threw him to the wolves a little bit too
Its too sad to watch him now. Ok its more than sad.

He was so adaptable- and had many firsts.
he really had limited striking, but utilized it well,
threw the first spinning back kick ala GSP.

but really its about the crazy shit, the standing kimura
the Mongolian chops, the jumping head stomps the baseball slides

Slim I recently heard the Rickson Rumor at Renzo's go figure.
this was about Rickson "training" but what ever.



Saku was not the best, but the greatest.

We will not see his like again.


They say the fight with him and Page was fixed.


Lots of pride fights were "questionable"

and sadly lots of Sakuraba fights it seems, Vitor Belfort, Ken Shamrock.
Pride was wierd



Says Who? Rampage says he was approached by officials and offered money to throw the fight. He also has an endless stream of excuses everytime he gets his arse kicked.

Lots of Sakuraba's fights were questionable? Fuck off.
The Shamrock fight is a bit fishy. But on the other hand Shamrock turned his back away and was against the ropes. Vitor lost, Saku beat him fair and square.

You are an idiot for trying to discredit one of the sports greatest fighters. Saku regularly fought men up to 50lbs heavier than him, and here you are on a message board tapping away at your keyboard saying that many of his fights were worked. This is the fighter who made Royce Gracie quit after 90 minutes of fighting, then later THAT NIGHT, got in the ring with Igor fucking Vovchanchyn. You bloody idiot.


So you are a fat little sherdog nuthugger, and need to pee in my thread.
thank you.

Your posts contribute nothing. and I get to fuck off.
Thanks, now kindly take your shit spewing faggot ass back to mmaunderground,
where some real fans can appreciate that you are a douchebag.

Yet you admit the shamrock fight was strange?



Back to Sakuraba Here is another one... where he fights Renzo,
the kimura is superb, he takes down Renzo and watch how he passes gaurd.

and here is Quinton Jackson in his first Pride Fight.
the audio is off a little on this vid, Jackson is strong as hell early on
but gasses "rumors" that he cut allot of weight , maybe our brotard population can expound on that
instead of enjoying the fight.

what is amazing to me is that for a long time until Wand , all these super strikers
didnt really strike with Sakuraba.


how much tape is on Saku? looks like his entire leg



Cool vid, thanks


Why don't you elaborate on some of the fights that look like works? Shamrock vs Sakuraba looks a bit sketchy, but there have been worse stoppages in recent times. Vitor said that he broke his hand in the Sakuraba match. At least give some reasons to back up what you're saying.

I'm not even that big a fan of Sakuraba, but it just amazes me when people like you say things like this. According to you I'm the 'nuthugging faggot brotard spewing shit', yet you're the one claiming lots of Sakuraba's fights look like works.

You should calm down a bit, you sound like a very excitable person.


So I am an excitable person, hmmm

You came here with guns blazing.
You told me to fuck off.
called me an idiot and a bloody idiot.
and you think I should explain myself, about my observations.

doesn't sound like you have a nice way of making friends or influencing people
does it now?
You claim I discredit Sakuraba, yet I made this thread because he is so stellar,
I think I used the words Grappling Clinic.

I never said that Saku fights were worked, just that many of them were indeed strange
He did fight pro wrestling before pride.

I said Pride was weird.

I'm not an excitable person, but I do have a very low threshold for bullshit.
which you seem to be spewing, at a rapid pace.
now kindly scamper away, and go bake a cake.



My suggestion here, let's keep this thread focused on our appreciation of Sakuraba's tremendous grappling skills and animated personality.

Thanks for the video kmc!

"I fight because I like it." -Kazushi Sakuraba

Interviewer: What does your father do?
Sakuraba: My dad, well he's probably drinking
right about now because today's his day off.


Thanks Jelly Roll!

here are two good little video tributes


here is being a character at chute box

It is so true,his grappling is superb.


Well, this thread is about Sakuraba isn't it? Then let's talk about Sakuraba. Explain why lots of his fights are questionable. You claim you're a huge fan, yet you basically discredit his entire career by saying that. Why would you be a fan of someone who fought in lots of works? That's what you were implying. And you say I'm spewing bullshit.


Why are you taking away from a thread that is praising Sakuraba?? Oh...the irony. And just because some of his PRIDE fights were "questionable".....point out in this thread were the blame was put on Saku for this....and were anyone is discrediting his ENTIRE CAREER.

And you chastise the OP who is praising Saku?? This is fucking ridiculous. You'd have to be a complete moron to not take a second look at your initial post and see that you unnecessarily showed your ass. Reading comprehension is a dying art.


Back on topic, and the topic is Saku.


Saku vs Ryan Gracie


now here are two people with LOTS of athletic tape !
if you look close you can see where officials have signed off on some of the tape
On Saku's knee and ankle and Ryans shoulder and knee

This is a one round fight cause Ryan Gracie was banged up going in.