Haven't PR'd in a While, Thoughts?

I’ve been training the olympic lifts seriously for about a year. I made a lot of progress early on, but haven’t hit any PRs for a while. I know this is normal, but wanted to see if anybody had some critiques/tips for my program.

Max Snatch is 78kg (80kg off the blocks, go figure), and max C&J is 112kg (120kg clean). Max front squat is 136kg, max back squat is 143. I recently did 5x5 BS as 120kg, so I suspect both squat maxes are a bit higher as I haven’t tested them in a while.

I’m currently doing a 12 week program: 3 cycles of 4 weeks, lifting 3x per week.

I start each workout with the Bergener progression, and some lighter back squats to loosen up my hips. Each week has the same lift structure, with varying reps/sets for each % of max:

Tuesday- Snatch, Jerks from the rack, FS, CL Pulls
Thursday- Snatch Balance, Cleans, BS, SN Pulls
Sunday- Snatch, C&J, BS

1st Cycle: 5 sets of 3 reps
Week 1- all at 65%
Week 2- 2x warm-up sets and 3x 75%
Week 3- all at 70%
Week 4- 2x warm-up sets and 3x 80%

2nd Cycle: 4 sets of 2-3 reps
Week 1- all at 75%
Week 2- 2x warm-up, 2x 85%
Week 3- all at 80%
Week 4- 2x warm-up, 2x 90%

3rd Cycle: 3 sets of 1-3 reps
Week 1- all at 85%
Week 2- 1x warm-up, 2x 95%
Week 3- all at 90%
Week 4- 1x warm-up, 2x 100%

I am currently on Week 4 of the 2nd Cycle. I feel that my snatch technique has improved significantly since I started the program, as I have spent a lot of time drilling around 70%-80%. There is, conveniently, a meet scheduled right around when I’m supposed to be maxing out, so that is good. Any tips or critiques for my program?


What’s your body weight?

I’d say it’s not enough reps in general, and although I’m a fan of working in the lighter intensity zones than most Americans, I would say in general this is too light.

In regards to having a higher snatch from the blocks, that’s not atypical, although sometimes that can be indicative of a faulty start position, or first pull. What do you think is your biggest problem area in the snatch? Do you have any videos of your lifts?