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Haven't Noticed Results

Should I have noticed results from:


I am starting my third week and haven’t noticed any changes. I was looking to cut. I used to be 285 and am currently 185. I have loose skin but I figured there was still fat left to. Maybe I should just forget cutting and try to put on about 20lbs of muscle and see if that will take care of the fat and skin left around my abdomen.
I have been trying to loose this last bit for the past 1 1/2 years. I am really starting to get discouraged.

Currently my diet is around 2400cal with 40protein/35carb/25fat. I think for the past few months I was severely calorie deficient so I’m not sure if I messed up my metabolism. I just recently upped my calories when I realized how low my calories really were. I workout 6 times a week and do cardio at least 5 times a week. I used to box but just recently moved so I have been swimming. If only I had never been fat, I just want a damn six pack that has been my goal since I started well that and to get more girls.

Anyone gonna’ help this guy out? I too am curious regarding his situation…

Check out:


and read CT’s post. It makes very interesting reading.


I read through that post and searched for wilson’s syndrome symptoms. I have a few but the ones I have I think everyone has to some extent. I don’t have a thermometer so I can’t take my temp. I might have to go buy one. If anyone has any more advice is would be appriciated.

You sure you have legit stuff? Do you feel anything at all?

Depending on your body size, puting on 20 lbs in muscle might be a pretty good idea.

I would imagine that getting rid of the extra skin from loosing 100 lbs is going to be a daunting task. In your situation, a nice good clean cycle to gain 15-20lbs of muscle might be in order.
Whats your hieght?

Clen gave me headaches for the first week slight shaking. Not sure what I would feel from t3. Feel somewhat warmer. Not sure what I should feel from the var. My appetite has increased, I find myself waking up during the night very hungry. I also piss a lot, like every 2 hrs. I also noticed that I get pissed off a little easier then usual, it isn’t bad it is just that little things seem to annoy me easily.

I was thinking about only taking 40mg of var a day for awhile then stopping the T3 and upping var to 60mg.

I am 6ft 186 as of last night.