Haven't Cycled in 2 Yrs, Need Bro Help

Alright bros please don’t flame me… I fell for the Rona hysteria & during covid lock down I didn’t cycle. I was scared how Rona would react with juice. Also gyms were shut down so woulda been a waste anyway.
After I got my vaccine I started my TRT again. It’s been about 2 months now on TRT & post vax. I think I’m ready to cycle & have lots of left over gear.
Brief history I’m 44 been on TRT since I was 34
Since 36 I usually did 2 cycles per yr. Usually a bulking cycle in fall/winter & a cut cycle In spring

I’ve used pretty much all forms of test, orals I like anavar , Winny, tbol, dbol
Also to kick it up I’m a fan of tren & npp however I use those sparingly as Tren is a beast & npp goes a long way so no need to be crazy. I’m not a pro…I just juice to stay young & top shape. That said also I use HGH… never really had cycle bad sides other than some acne, anxiety, or rage
Tren sides hard to sleep & normal sides.
Always been pretty good at taking my anastrozle, hcg, & caber to prevent noodle dick…

My big question is starting a cycle after 2yrs what’s best bet? My goal is a cut so I’m thinking just test prop 100mg every other day + anavar 60 per day… could drop some tren in but after 2 yrs thinking why not save it… but my trens 2yrs old

Other option is just a big test cycle 500-700 test cyp & enjoy the gainz like your first cycle

I have test cyp, prop, tren, Var, Winny, tbol
Anastrozle, hcg, HGH, caber…so la pharmacia is g2g… what do u guys think is best having been out the game 2yrs ???

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If goal is to cut, just up test a bit and you will be fine.
Most people dont have discipline to cut very agressively and actually starve themselves till they see black in the eyes, so there is little need for tren at start.
I believe you can get decently lean on just 250-400 test. If you actually reach below 10% bodyfat not like 99% of people who give up around 12-15%, then you can add some var, or winny.

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Looks good for a cut

Generally I’m fine with cutting to 10% sitting at 16/17 now
But yeah I generally add compounds as I progress through a cycle… just been 2 yrs since last one …feeling newbish