Haven't Been Able to Inject HCG

Hi everyone, I have been o TRT for two years now with HCG, test, and AI.

For the past 2 weeks I didn’t take any shot of HCG and I feel horrible… the issue is I can’t find any website that has stocks from Bacteriostatic water! I dunno what to do… I have vials of HCG that come with sterile water, but not with Bac water! Can someone please help me out on what I can do to go back to injecting HCG?

It’s impossible to find right now. Every place is pretty much on back order.

Out of stock, will the sodium cholorida bac water do the same trick?

Yes, I’ve used it.

I can ship from anywhere in the world… I saw in U.K. amazon some unknown brands

Used sodium choilride Bac water? I heard it kills the HCG!

What I’d like to know is why it’s on backorder. It’s just water with some bacteria preventer added in. Why is it so hard to produce?!

I dunno… all I know is my body doesn’t fell well and I neee to take the HCG

My Bac water says it expires in August 2018… dunno how safe it would be to use it for 1 month extra?

@KSman I would love your input in this subject… there is literally a nationwide shortage of Bac water… what can we do use in this case?!

Is it reconstituted ?

How are you storing it?

I’m getting it as per the below 1 breakable ampule and 1 ampule with sterile water called Pregnly

Also I have the following link that seems to have Bac water dunno if it’s trusted https://www.amazon.co.uk/SCIENCEBOOST-BACTERIOSTATIC-WATER-10ml-QUALITY/dp/B07C19NQDC

Not reconstituted, usually I had bac water and store in a fridge. Now I’m out of Bac water dunno if I can mix some syringes with normal Saline water and injection every 3 days… heard that HCG will die or get infected with saline water…