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Have Zero Sex Drive, Bloodwork Fine

It has been one month now since I feel zero horny or wanna have sex. I mean it’s zero and it freaking me out. I don’t even have morning wood anymore.

My last test showed all my blood work was fine. I’m almost 34 old. My life situation has not changed to be worse or something like that. Ironically it’s even better.

I know it’s hard to determine what it cause not feeling to have sex or horny. But what can I do ? I’m going to gym 4 times a week. I eat and sleep well.

I’m actually getting more worried about that I gonna live like this rest of my life.

Post your bloodwork numbers…might be something there that you’re missing. Also, are you on TRT or are you natty?

Can you please tell us what ‘fine bloodwork’ is that would eliminate libido issues from the equation?

Spoiler alert: there is no such thing.

Post your labs.



D-Vitamin = 134 nmol/L (50-178)
Cortisol = 189 nmol/L (145-620)
Total Testosterone = 17 nmol/L (5.7-26)
SHBG = 28 nmol/L (15-95)
LH = 4.9 IE/L (1.5-9.3)
Estrogen = 86 pmol/L (<150)
Testosterone, bioactive (unbound) = 9.2 nmol/L (2.8-21)
Prolactin = 264 mIE/L (60-260)
TSH = 2.6 (0.4-4.0)
T3 = 4.8 (3.3-6.0)
T4 = 17 (10-27)

No I’m not on TRT, I don’t either think I’ll jump on TRT until my 40

A sudden loss of libido and erections isn’t normal, any recent medications prescribed by your doctor?

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Your prolactin is on the high end and this can most definitely affect libido in some guys. Other than that, it isn’t bad for a guy on TRT but you have no idea what your levels used to be. What if your total was double what it is now and then dropped? Yep, you’d feel like crap even though you have ‘normal’ numbers. I’d start with trying to get prolactin down a bit with some P5P at 100mg daily and see what effect that has. If not, you can do a trial of TRT to see what effect that has.

Agreed. On any medications, even supplements?

I have slightly more testosterone today according to my blood test than I had for 3 years ago. In 2017 when I was even 30 years old also younger than today I had only 12 nmol in total testosterone but I had better sex drive.

I’m not using any medicine only taking a few high quality supplement like multivitamin, ashwagandha, carnitine, P5P (for the high prolactin).

and sometimes Ginger, Vitamin C, Garlic, Vitamin D.

I just feel empty and zero horny even when I tried yesterday to watch porn to see if I get horny but not even that experiment worked. I just get bored.

I don’t recognize myself because this has been so for a while and that’s why I don’t think it’s not Normal and I don’t know if a new blood test will help since I took the last one in the end of December last year.

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That PRL reading is while you’re on P5P already? How much do you take usually?

Whats PRL?

I take around 100-125 mg.

PRL is prolactin. We want to know if that’s your prolactin reading after p5p supplementation, or if you started taking the p5p after this blood test.

Clearly you are aware of prolactin being an issue or you wouldnt be trying to correct it. Come clean and state everything, don’t trickle truth. Supplements need to stop for the time being btw, except for p5p if you have to. Reset to just eat, shit, sleep. Then go from there.

Do you mean I gonna take break from all supplement 1 month to see if it gonna change?

I started with p5p after blood test to lower prolactin. Do you think it’s because of p5p that cause lower sex drive?

If no exogenous medications or hormones are involved, I’d get to the bottom of that prolactin. It’s not sky high numbers that would suggest prolactinoma, but it’s something. It’s the odd thing out.

I have been on P5P for 3 weeks now. I don’t feel any diffrences. How long does take to see effect?

What do you guys think? Should I get a new blood test just for prolactin or try a better brand for P5P?

Over the counter supplements might help a bit or completely screw things up. So lets start from the beginning. What happened first? Supplements or libido loss?

My prolactin also sightly above range and my libido is very good. Just FYI.

I did try the p5p and it did nothing and perhaps had unknown affects that I can’t put a finger on.

You can check prolactin while taking p5p. Only way to determine if it lowered it.

Ever try saw palmetto? That’s another one that can screw some of us over for some reason. Some supplements are not as safe as you think.

Are you on trt?