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Have Your Cake And Eat It

then let it drain out of you through a gross tube connected to your stomach before all those nasty calories can make you fat.

Good times!


You can sort of do this by heating and cooling potatoes and pasta iirc, heat/cool cycles help to increase the resistant starch, eg less carbs absorbed.

It’s human nature to lack empathy for those who cant do what we can. The thing is extreme problems sometimes need extreme intervention. I’ve always been interested in whether you could provide a crutch to someone as they change poor habits to good ones - I guess this is an out there example but I wonder how many people would manage to come off this once they establish better practices. Anyone who has pushed a prowler knows getting it going is the biggest bitch (don’t stop no matter how slow you are going!!! :smile: )

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This is a quick fix for a larger problem in this country, the quality of our food, which has been shown to be addicting and damaging to your gut bacteria.

Went ahead and fixed that for you.


That is a misconception though. Even if you eat “healthy” there is a lot of shit even things like chicken breast. Unless you have the money to buy ultraorganicmakeanenvironmentalistorgasm grade food, there is still a chance youre going to eat whatever antibiotics and chemicals were used raising the animal. Antibiotics are known to mess up gut bacteria and can alter how ones weight is distributed. If you get regular grade vegetables, you risk ingesting pesticides, again affecting your gut bacteria and your digestive organs. MSG (a common ingredient in many foods) has also been shown to be addicting.

Really, if we had more accountability and stricter regulations as to what is allowed in our food, I bet you’d see a drop in obesity levels.

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Right, it’s not the 7 trips to McDonald’s each week, the 4 heaping scoops of sugar per cup of coffee, or the 5,000+ calories people eat every single day. It’s the “shit” in chicken breast.

If people made better choices, ie, they didn’t eat fast food every fucking day, obesity would be eliminated.

That doesn’t mean we can’t do better as far as how a chicken is raised (I pay extra for antibiotic free & free range, but understand not everyone can) or pesticide use on fruits and veggies, but that’s an absurd excuse for obesity. Obesity in the 70s when they used DDT was nothing compared to obesity today, for example.

If what you’re saying were true people would never lose weight, which we know is absurd.

You want more regulation, why am I not surprised. We’ve only got a $5,00,000,000 federal agency that’s supposed to do this already and every freakin thing that’s in every piece of processed food is on the federally required label.

What more do you need?

You have an exceptional talent of taking a simple discussion and making it personal when someone has a different opinion than you. There are many issues to the obesity problem. The ubiquitous availability of low quality food (not just chicken breast but apparently you don’t understand analogies), addictive substances put in food (sugar, fat and salt in the right combination can be addictive), consumerist cultural values, and certain players in the food industry risking losing money if people decide to eat healthy. And for what it is worth, Europe bans many substances that are available in our food supply. On average they are healthier than your typical American.

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You almost always want more government and you almost always blame someone or something else, that is your MO and conversations don’t occur in a bubble. If you don’t like that then I would suggest you open your own safe space discussion board.

Fyi, your reference to chicken is called an example not an analogy…

No, I think you just cant handle someone who has a different viewpoint on a subject matter. I don’t know why its such a passionate subject for you. Better chill out or you’ll have a stroke.

One of the greatest marketing deceptions in modern business was the multi-billion dollar Big Organic industry convincing people that they don’t use pesticides. They do.

Also, everything is a chemical, even if your kale smoothie was organically grown by Bernie Sanders himself. The word “chemical” is a meaningless buzz word used by new age prophets of holistic living and food snobbery to scare you into buying organic. It works so well because they just fooled you into believing that the chemicals sold by Big Organic are free of chemicals.

But don’t let any of that stop you from spending more on your food if that’s what you want to do.


I am very sorry the Bible does not have more concrete dietary guidelines. Maybe you can pray the antibiotics away, just like you people pray the gay away too.

Seriously though, it is important to check where your food comes from. Why is this even a point of contention? Tyson has people shitting in diapers on their factory lines because they don’t give bathroom breaks. Would you eat food I cooked if I shit my pants while doing it? Not sanitary.

[quote=“Aero51, post:14, topic:218693”]
Seriously though, it is important to check where your food comes from.[/quote]

Why is it important to check where you food comes from? Can you give us an example of how deeply you check where your food comes from? Do you trace your produce to the location of the farm, the process used to pick it, and who the operator was who packed it?

[quote=“Aero51, post:14, topic:218693”]
Why is this even a point of contention? Tyson has people shitting in diapers on their factory lines because they don’t give bathroom breaks.[/quote]

Source? I have never heard this accusation. That would be quite disturbing if this was actually true.

Probably not, but this is pure hyperbole so, I’ll take this as you being hysterical and not in your right mind.

Are you really going to argue about being smart with your food? I look for reliable brands and check the ingredients on the package. I think that is a reasonable thing to do…but it isn’t in the BIBLE!!! What do we do without guidance from the good book???>!@>!EEfcrqgrgvqe y76bub 5eqe!!!

Source is right here:

[quote]Robert, who works at a Simmons plant in Arkansas says, “I’ve seen people pee on the line—and sometimes when they’re running to get to the bathroom, women pee on themselves.”
He once saw a man running toward the bathroom who both peed and defecated on himself. “I don’t know any more about it than the shame of that man who went to the bathroom like that… He told his supervisor and they sent him home.”[/quote]

[quote=“Aero51, post:16, topic:218693, full:true”]
Are you really going to argue about being smart with your food? I look for reliable brands and check the ingredients on the package. I think that is a reasonable thing to do…but it isn’t in the BIBLE!!![/quote]

You’re the one arguing it. I’m asking you to elaborate on your stance. I’m not saying you’re wrong to do; I think it’s odd you read it as such…

That’s anecdotal evidence - has there ever been any formal documentation?
If that’s an accurate portrayal of a day in the life of the average poultry line worker, then that’s terrible and systemic, if it’s an outlier then those managers are fuckin’ POSs and should be tarred and feathered. But none-the-less it’s anecdotal and I didn’t see any real evidence in that report (I skimmed it) to say that it’s pervasive in the industry.

You can think whatever you like, actually make a logical fact based argument, one time, and perhaps I’ll agree with you.

It looks like these were conducted based on surveys. I think it is legit

[quote]2 Tom Fritzsche, Unsafe at These Speeds: Alabama’s Poultry Industry and Its Disposable Workers (2013), www.splcenter.org/sites/default/files/downloads/publication/Unsafe_at_These_Speeds_web.pdf.
3 Greater Minnesota Worker Center, Striving for a Just and Safer Workplace (April 2016), http://www.mygmwc.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/Striving-for-a-Just-and-Safer-Workplace-Final-04262016.pdf.[/quote]

But more importantly, this shouldn’t even be a topic in the news. Americans should not have to question the quality of their food source. The FDA was established about 100 years ago to alleviate this exact problem. And yet, it is failing us, hence my stance on accountability.

Unfortunately, the FDA is a political organization that has people that it is responsible to, people that count on donors for campaigns, etc.

Oh well~

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