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Have You Used Hot Rox?

Just ordered a bottle to try out, but wonder if any of my fellow over 35’ers have used Hot Rox, and if so what you thought about it? Results?

Pretty much trying to get every little edge I can right now because I’m looking at a goal date of ripped (close as possible) that’s about 10 weeks from now.

And btw, safety squat bar is a life saver. I was really irritated that my shoulders are still too tight for back squats, but someone (@twojarslave ?) pointed me to this bar so now I can actually do squats. Earlier this year I tried a back squat with 85 and failed. Today I got all my reps (22 total) with 185, and intend to be to the same reps with 415 for a little Christmas present to myself.

Anyway, I’m just trying like hell to tweak every damn thing I can think of on top of some training tweaks, and thought the Hot Rox might be helpful for energy and fat loss…so let me hear from ya all…

I have, briefly.

I started it as a ‘change’ of pre-workout type supps. I was not ‘cutting’ per se, but it did dry and flatten me out for sure (for better or worse). I would suggest training hard/heavy still (to save muscle mass), while mixing in whatever conditioning stuff your adding (?) in.

Train (and feed) the machine, AND burn off the fluff. Btw, I took 1 pill everyday, 2 on training days…early in the day. Taken after 3pm, would mess up my sleep. I used about 1/2 a bottle; still have the rest.

Rock On.

Will keep that in mind. Intend to take by 0900 daily, prolly 2 on training days after I make sure it doesn’t ramp me up tooo much. Hoping that with the ZMA I’ll be able to sleep 0000-0800 nightly and will be adding as much cardio as makes sense. Have to time that on lift days to 4-6 hrs post.

“Burn off the ‘fluff’” cracks me up. Fluffy isn’t an adjective I’d want used for me ever again since I was indeed tremendously fluffy for a long while.

Also guess I should track supps along with my food and training just for future comparison. Thing is, I’m not very interested in much more record keeping. May add it to the “gut it out” list. That list is forever growing.

Anyway, thank u for the info :slight_smile:

Strength and Honor!

I got the HotRox yesterday and started using them at 0540 this morning. Just took two to see how they affect me. They kicked my energy up a few notches for sure. Took the second dose around 1300…it’s now 2041 and I’m sleepy enough to see that won’t be an issue. We’ll see what I think in a bottle from now :slight_smile:

Dang… 2 + 2 pills to start ? :)… You’ll see how that goes for sure.

As I said, at most I took 2 pre-training (early); not sure I could deal with the double dose. Should definitely be a kick start to Something!!

Good luck, train hard.


While I’m not officially a member of the club, I am 33 yrs old and have been using HOT ROX for years during my contest preps. It certainly works and has been very helpful when I implement them! Just in my experience, the HOT ROX will yield the most noticeable results when all aspects of the diet are in order, including a consistently executed diet/deficit, and that your training and cardio is geared towards fat loss. If you don’t change much about training/nutrition/cardio and just toss in the HOT ROX, they’ll still do their thing, but you may not notice the results as much.

Also, the primary ingredient in HOT ROX is Yohimbine, which is shown to have its affects blunted in the presence of insulin. I’ve found HOT ROX to work best when I take them first thing in the morning with water, then implement some fasted cardio for 20-30 minutes. Nothing intense, low to moderate intensity with the hear rate about 120-125bpm, on the incline treadmill or elliptical.

They certainly have a "kick."
All the comments duly noted and thank you guys :slight_smile:

This is the 3rd day of two caps morning (0500) and two between 1200-1330. Yesterday at the dr my BP was a tad high at 154/82. Expected it so no biggie.

Am thinking the morning dose with H2o as suggested with fasted low impact cardio is gonna be a good idea. Definitely will have the energy.

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The other point I ALWAYS read/hear, is the appetite control, for better or worse. I recall, really having to pay attention, and ‘push’ myself to eat, even a solid and clean diet (at the time).

Just knocked out all cravings, and grumblings ect. Point being, not to lose track, and drop to many calories (if any) at first ? Saving that for another/ later option if needed or wanted.

Looks like your body is digging it :slight_smile: Keep us posted on the progress.

Definitely a great idea and perfect way to utilize the active ingredients. Maybe start with 20min every morning and you can always move up from there. Once I started adding the 20min daily fasted cardio with HOT ROX it was a great spark to keep the fat loss going, the last few pounds melted off pretty quickly.

Started the fasted walking carrying ten pound Dumbbells for good measure this morning. Did it post workout yesterday.
Gotta say I’m amazed at the burn that light weight brings to my arms and shoulders. Way I see it, if it’s a bit difficult then it’s working.