Have You Seen the Nikki Gunz Squat Video?

Fairly impressive squat for a 132lb raw lifter. She get 300 and apparently just misses her 315 attempt. The best part of the video is all the stupid hate comments - it’s humerus to see what the trolls come up with.

I want to know why these women are not in my gym.

Strong squat. Better than so many of the skinny fat guys in my gym

Damn that was a pretty girl and a pretty squat.

There need to be more in my gym.

How could anyone hate on that? Absolutely impressive.

Those that can’t do… Hate.

Nikki Gunz and I go to the same gym. She’s ridiculously strong, and she’s a ridiculously hard worker. I’ve got nothing but respect for her.

I’ve watched some of her other videos and if those are take at the same gym, it looks like only ridiculously strong people work out there. Nothing but platforms and old iron everywhere and people screaming in the background.