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Have you passed a drug test.

Has anyone here passed an I.O.C. drug test? If so how long were you clean off before you were tested? What were you taking before you were tested? Just curious.

Yeah, I am curious to hear from anyone that has actually passed a test. I know that some of the guidelines out there become dated pretty quick, especially with the IOC’s big crackdown.

I passed one in '98 three days off using 50mgs of Anadrol with 40mgs of Halotestin daily. Test used was Sustanon at three shots a week which was stopped nine weeks out (used for six weeks) then switched over to the orals. Zydot used the day of testing. No problems.


Thanks for the reply. I’m surprised you passed a test that close while on halo and anadrol that close at that dossage. Particularly as recently as 1998. Do you mind saying what event you were competing in, out of curiousity? Does anyone else have any experience with this more recently? Thanks.

I don’t mind at all. 1998 Nationals in weightlifting. I suppose it is possible my sample was collected and not tested but I highly doubt. I wasn’t the only one using Zydot that year I can assure you, the trash can in the men’s room was full of empty bottles of them.

Nice to see other Weightlifters on the board. All anyone talks about is powerlifting and bodybuilding. What were your best lifts? So, far my best lifts have been 170kg and 137.5kg. c+j and sn. respectively. Still looking for anyone elses input on this topic.

Same as yours.