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Have You Had a Vasectomy?


I'm just wondering how many of you TRT guys had a vasectomy before you went on TRT and do any of you suspect the vasectomy might have caused a problem with your testicles and your T to drop.

Personally, I had a vasectomy when I was 30 and found out my T was low at 36. I had been having the symptoms of low energy, brain fog, muscle fatigue and bouts with ED since my vasectomy, as well as achy nuts. So I've suspected the vasectomey may have caused my T to drop. My wife said the dr put a ton of staples in me, not just a few but like 20.


I signed up just to respond to this post. I had a vasectomy about 3 or so years ago and slowly after that I began to gain weight and lose my drive to workout, libido disapeared etc... I finally went to the DR and had my blood drawn only to find out that my test level had plumeted to 140 which the DR said was way low for some one under 35 at the time. I mentioned to him that I had the vasectomy and that I honestly thought it had something to do with my low T and he assured me that was not the case. I really feel as though it does maybe not in all cases but certainly in mine. I am now on TRT at 100mg every 3 days and I feel great all that was lost is back and more!


Thank you for the response and welcome to the board. Its a wealth of knowledge and some great guys on here. I feel the same way. I think its a crap shoot when you get a vasectomy. you may be ok, or maybe not. I read on another forum where some dr's treating lowT are finding out that a very high percentage of men with low T have had a vasectomy in their medical background. I feel the staples are the problem. I've had pain for 8 years, not excrutiating pain just a dull ache and very sensitive to the touch in my testicles ever since that vasectomy. I'm going back on TRT having ruled everything else out at this point, the extensive testing has brought me back to primary hypogonadism..

Anybody else? just a yay or nay, did you have a vasectomy before going on TRT??


i had a vasectomy ten years ago and have been steadily declining ever since. Tomorrow will start the reversal process and my new life on TRT!!


Shit, I knew that there was some side effects to getting fixed. I thought shooting blanks and not having to ever worry about a parachute again was going to be heaven. Now I am gona lose my desire to lift and become a fat arse. Guess I will go on being the Trojan Man.


I had a vasectomy, but in my case don't think it has anything to do with my low T.

The vasectomy was at age 32. Low T started at age 63. FWIW, but probably irrelevant, no clips for mine. Just suture material.


MWP.. You better think long and hard. My life has gone downhill since my vasectomy. If I could go back, I wouldn't do it, I'd get the wife to get fixed if I could do it again. There aren't as many secondary risks for women.


Started TRT at 44 y.o. Got clipped at 37 after my wife drop the 4th puppy. I just think its coincidental that our T drops at the time we decide we no longer want kids. Maybe the drop in testosterone and lack of sex drive is nature's way of saying "Ok, you''re done". Just my humble opinion.


Don't know what you would classify as a secondary risk, but there are a lot more primary risks for women considering that it is intra-abdominal surgery for them. Personally, I don't regret getting a vasectomy.