Have you guys seen this?

Nebraska doesn’t like to loose, this makes the Martinez-Zimmer incident look like a schoolyard tussle…


Watch the video, pretty intense.

Damn, he got smoked!

You got knocked the fuck out!


Stupid fan tried to paste that poor players elbow!

Seriously, bet #29’s got an indictment coming soon.

“Nebraska PLACEKICK HOLDER Kelly Huston was suspended one game for punching a Missouri fan following a loss.”

I didn’t know placekick holders were capable of so much rage.

He needs to be suspended for the year, not just one game. Solich said that Hutson was defending himself from a potentially dangerous situation. What was the danger?

That was just a wussified way of taking out frustration after getting smoked by a better team.

The guy has like 3 tackles on the year, I guess since he didn’t get to hit anybody in the game, he felt he had to take it out on somebody.

Nebraska said if the fan is gonna press charges against the player, then they are gonna press charges against the fan for trespassing on the field

That’s a pretty cowardly thing to do. I’ve sucker punched a few people who had done pyhysical harm to me or my own in the past, but to hit someone who’s just happy their team won is just plane faggotry.


I’m using that at least twice today


LMAO “faggotry”
Thats fantastic!


Personally, I prefer the decriptive “jackassery” to “faggotry,” but other than that I agree with Tyler.