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Have You Filed a Paypal Claim?

anyone file a claim within the last year or so? How was it?

I bought something off a scam site. Long story short, was suspicious, googled it, nothing came up. Next day find a forum where people were scammed, and the site is under several different names.

called Paypal, have to wait 7 days. Call again they are starting the claim process for me now.

some people on the forum said if the seller had no funds in the account you couldn’t be refunded. Guy from Paypal said that’s not the case anymore.

so pissed at myself as red flags went up

My mom constantly buys from scammers or even people who just don’t send out their packages from eBay.

Paypal has always given her a refund.

Paypal is notorious for poor customer service.

I think its now necessary to have a bank account linked with a Paypal account if you’re a seller, so you may be in luck.

I had my primary checking account attached to my Paypal account as I was screwing around with online billing options, but I removed it a couple months ago. I think those guys pretty much had full deposit/withdrawal access to my account which scared me, once I found out about it.

I am pretty sure someone stole 9$ on my paypal account.

I filed a claim in October. I bought some database software (that I had purchased in previous years with no problems) and the company turned out to be going into bankruptcy. They never provided the software but took my $250. I filed the claim about a week later through the “resolution center”. About a week later my paypal account was refunded the whole amount. Didn’t have to do any follow up from my end or anything, just the original claim.

called Paypal twice yesterday, 2nd guy filed a claim sooner than the standard 7 days. got a refund this morning, whew

lesson learned

[quote]jehovasfitness wrote:
called Paypal twice yesterday, 2nd guy filed a claim sooner than the standard 7 days. got a refund this morning, whew

lesson learned[/quote]

I hate to be the one to say “Told ya” =D

Haha jk, glad it worked out for you.

No one I know ever encountered an issue with Paypal, so I can only say good things about them. Even my grandparents get refunded for fraud Celine Dion DVDs haha

My mom also got a ring online, it was supposed to be 24K and she got a notice later on saying that it wasn’t real. I think the owner still sent it to her, but Paypal refunded her money regardless.

I have had 2 claims filed with Paypal. I had to bitch and moan a bit, but I got my money back. I suggest that you keep no money in your Paypal account, and should you buy something have the funds taken out from the credit card or bank acct you linked it to at the moment you buy it.