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Have You Ever Beta Orbited a Girl


psh more like all of humanity. I am big league.



Not relatable.

Out of curiousity why are you an advocate for misanthropy? I understand the general reasons (we populate, and populate and wipe out everything else in our path etc.) however you are human, why hate what you biologically are? It isn’t as if you can change the nature of the ENITRE human race.

Do you listen to black metal? Many black metal bands are big into misanthropy


I have no desire to change it.

Not a metal fan. Need vocals with a melody. Too many metal bands sound like Cookie Monster.

Got over the anxiety by the way. Biggest trick was to not take myself seriously.


I don’t know if you are putting words in mouth, but this is a trait of just about all living things (not that we wipe everything out, that would kill us too).

This type of hatred would seem to be less towards the behavior and more towards the fact that we don’t have large scale predators to control us.

This would suggest you desire ongoing human death on a mass scale. That’s messed up dude.


What no, I was saying I understand the logic behind why some might value misanthropy, I don’t inherently agree with any of those values


Go listen to ghost reveries by opeth … some death growls but not obligatory and some might fine melodic vocals give either baying of the hounds or ghost of perdition a listen


Gave Ghost of Perdition a shot and didn’t make it too far. Just not my jam. Metal has a huge fanbase, so I know it speaks to a lot of people, but it just never really reached me.


That’s fair … it hadn’t reached me until fairly recently … Opeth and particularly Ghost of Perdition kind of hit me positively but I get how it’s not everyone’s thing … I also like Dream Theater, no death growls, I’d recommend Glass Prison, Caught in a web, As I Am, Pull me Under, or Take The Time as good intros into that particular brand of metal/progressive metal…I personally really like Take the time and Glass Prison


I like a pale horse named death (but I do listen to opeth, new opeth has no growls whatsoever, it’s pure prog rock). A pale horse named death is doom metal.


People spend a lot of time laughing at the multitude of genders people have mentioned recently, but I’ve spent way longer laughing at all the ridiculous metal subclassifications.


I’ll have to check them out …

I like both forms of Opeth tbh … I appreciate their musicianship and that hasn’t changed … Cusp of Eternity is one of my favorite songs by them


Its there for a reason tho, the guitar is generally very thick and distorted in doom metal, the music is slow paced. There is regular heavy metal right (just heavy metal) and death metal, listen to the two and they sound veeerrry different, you can’t exactly put them in the same genre can you


What is that?


Doom metal


Trick question: it’s dad rock.


I love black sabbath lolololol


I, too, like good music.


I like electrified acid bluegrass with a couple of jazzy breaks as it morphs into a romantic Spanish satanic seduction.


Hardcore soft-rock, all the time.


I bet that line gets all the panties damp