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Have You Ever Beta Orbited a Girl


Again … it’s my garden … also my wife also does not like radishes … you’d lose that bet my friend


Are we about to see a front squat competition over radishes?


Why is everyone so obsessed with the words alpha and beta these days? Beta orbited? Wtf. I must be getting old or something because the lexicon of today’s youth just baffles me. I have to use urban dictionary as a literary translation device on social media these days.

After reading what I just typed it is confirmed, I’m offically an old codger at the ripe age of 32.


Downstreet on the flip-flop, timepants.


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Compared to most slang, “alpha” and “beta” are pretty darn easy to understand the first time hearing them used. It’s really just using science terms in your everyday lexicon.

Fleek, lit, etc on the other hand are a little harder to understand


maybe to a lame-o like you amiright?


Dumb being simple to explain is still dumb. Stay woke man.


Haha I ski and ride bikes every weekend with early 20s shop rats so I’m well aware of how out of touch I became recently haha


Out of touch with…?


I’m super late into this thread, but is the assumption that men have higher sex drives than women still floating around in here? That’s like the only thing I’ve been paying attention to since reading this thread.

That and the recent radishes comments lol.


Out of touch with the cutting edge of pop culture (could be argued the last 2 years of it too) haha


I hear these terms tangentially once it reaches a more mass media distribution … usually some “comedian” making fun of the terms or mocking them or w/e … I’m apparently more of a lame-o than you haha


I STILL HAVE THIS ASSUMPTION!!! I also have literature to back it up, however there will always be outliers, I’m sure when I had hypogonadism that the average woman was 10x more virile than I was. Also if the woman is on the pill (higher SHBG, lower Free T, shut down of ovarian testosteorne and other hormonal production etc) she will be more likely to have low libido.

I’m a radish

Here’s a picture of me with a few of my friends



Yea. Fair point.

Yea women on the pill tend to screw up a few things, but men don’t have to worry about carrying a small person for the next nine months, so I support birth control all the way. Condoms break, IUDs can shift, and the D-Shot can cause a host of other illnesses.

Aside from society deeming women promiscuous and men to be cool for casual sex, which I agree with, the possibility of unwanted pregnancies opens up a new can of debate, simply because women like sex just as much as men.

I find Emotions being one hell of a factor for not only women but men as well. Quite a few women have an emotional bit in their mouth, much like a code that only guys they deem caring enough can crack. Crack the code, and she opens up like a flower. Doesn’t mean her sex drive is any lower or his is any higher. If we’re talking healthy adults. Emotions can bring in a wave of intense disire in whoever, or can lead a person on a dry spell that lasts years. I just think it’s highly individual. There’s also Trauma, Rape, Abuse, Personal Upbringings, Religion, all of which can effect how much a woman chooses to explore her sexuality. Hell, men too. Sometimes they can go through aweful events as well.

Yea guys have Testosterone, and higher levels of it, but For women, A small bit of it goes a long way, and it shares a seat with Estrogen, and Progesterone, both of which are equally important. Development, libido, all that Jazz.

Not trying to be mean, just sharing my opinion.


Well male birth control in the form of androgens + a progestin (test + levoronoresgel) or androgens with progestogenic activity (dimethandrolone) are being trialed. Results so far have been promising, so male birth control may be a thing soon. People say “well what if the dude lies” well if they use implants as the birth control procedure it’s hard to make up having implants under the skin lol.

I don’t understand emotions very well (Autism for the win), therefore I can’t comment there, I’ve never felt the desire to be in a romantic relationship with another being, I (think) at least, my desire for sexual intercourse is purely biologic, as in I’m more interested in the act for some reason. Not to say I’m not interested in friendships and socialising, I’m just not interested in romantic relationships, I can’t pinpoint why though, I had some offputting experiences with rejection when I was very young (say 12-13), could have something to do with it.


Not making light of your situation at all… but the above sentence describes every single teenager who ever lived.


but… I wasn’t a teenager at the time (12), not that it matters. I don’t think it has anything to do with my lack of interest in partnership. My self esteem is fine, I have no quealms about asking a girl out, I just have no desire to form romantic relationships.


Joke’s on you; I bypassed the rejection by crippling anxiety, self loathing and misantrhopy compelling me to never ask someone out at that age!


So you rejected yourself in essence?