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Have You Ever Beta Orbited a Girl


Takes courage to put this up here - thanks for sharing Spock. Genuinely hope you can overcome this and find a good dude…


Wow, thanks ! I appreciate you saying that


Eh, 23-25 were pretty darn good to me. Made good money, lived with my best friends in a great area, had no responsibilities outside of work so we lived a very hedonistic lifestyle, we would party till 1am and be at our desks by 6am next morning with only a medium hangover. Did cool shit on the weekends everyweekend etc. Too many great stories. The no responsibilities combined with a societal liscense to be young and dumb with a little bit of money was pretty damn fun for a while.

Eventually got old so we all split to different parts of the country, found girls and are all settling down now. But man, those were some fun days.


I wish my joints hurt less… I’m still young, I can only imagine what they’ll be like when I’m 34, my cartilage will be like… ground to DUST!

I can grow a beard… I just can’t grow it out as I’ve gotten into trouble for having excess facial hair at school on a myriad of occasions and my family tends to give me statements such as “Unreal24278, you look disgusting with that gross mass on you’re face, shave it off”, “Unreal24278 no girl will ever go out with you if you don’t shave that off, it’s unsightly”, “You look like a lazy kid who doesn’t want to do anything so he just lets his facial hair run free”… and I’m like “it’s been six days, that’s not that long” and then I get the “shave every day” answer.

Granted I have no major complaints about my family, they’re loving and supporting despite the fact that I disagree with their views on quite a few topics (mostly involving religion).


You sure? :smile:


Lmfao , well he’s married so I never fully considered it to be an option :joy::joy::rofl:


My beard is almost exactly 1 year long right now. I started growing it late November of last year.


Does it… Keep growing? Even after a year?


I don’t know how long I’ll keep growing it. But yea, it’ll definitely get much longer if I want it to. I thought about trimming it down, but my girlfriend likes it the way it is. So for now, it stays.

I do trim the sides, the neck and the mustache.


Even after you die!

Not really


…this thread is amazing, it has everything … just to put the cherry on the top, here’s a kitchen sink:


Those are radishes. Dirty trick to play on someone expecting a cherry.


So I have a “hobby” vegetable garden … from everything I read about gardening, it seems radishes are staples of the hobby gardener. I will NEVER grow radishes - I have never enjoyed a radish in anything that I’ve found a radish in. So, my apologies for having triggered you, sir…


Oh, they’re nice! You can shred them up to make dressings, spice up a broth, tons of stuff.

It’s not a garden without a big honking horse radish either. Fresh horseradish will literally blow the hair out of your head. In a good way!


I do love me some horseradish … that feeling of it clearing my sinuses is how I know I’m alive


Me and my sister were making some, adding vinegar while shredding it in the food processor and she took a big whiff (I might have dared her) and it literally dropped her to the floor!

Great with ham though. Best Thanksgiving ever!


You’re my married right? My money is on the radishes…


I am married, but I’m not YOUR married…

if you’re implying my wife will have me plant radishes you have me confused with someone else…


I think he tried to drunk sext you but it came out wrong. Just be flattered.


Haha I initially wrote “My money is on the radishes, you’re married afterall” then I couldn’t remember if he was married so I put that bit first as a question. My editing is clearly sub-par, so here we are…

My money is still on the radishes btw.