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Have You Ever Beta Orbited a Girl


If women wanted sex as much as men, then the hetro sex scene would look like the gay male sex scene and it’s not even in the same universe - neither is the female gay scene.

Females tend to masturbate a lot less than males but I guess you could say females lie in response to questions like this.

Once in relationship and stresses of life are involved then individual instances may see the woman wanting sex more but if you froze the earth and took a survey asking who wanted sex right then and there. Then I think you’d have a clear answer. Maybe it’s nore accurate to say men and women want different types of sex and for some of those the desires of each is the same?


I find sex painful and stressful and I’ve never gotten off from it . Masturbation , however , I could happily do every day, 10 times a day and get off in about 2 minutes .


This 100%. I can’t believe that anyone would even debate that.


Surely you do appreciate that this is kind of an unusual situation?


Have you had really bad partners? If so, have you communicated to them what it is you don’t like? What about it makes it stressful?


I’ve met a few women with this situation. But from all their cases it came down to having had horrible previous experiences with sex.


I’m trying to dig it up but I can’t find it. It was a survey from about 15 years ago asking women if they’d rather clean the house or have sex and something like 80% said they’d rather clean the house lol

In my teens or twenties, I’d probably have passed on a trip to the moon to bang someone haha


I love that this topic has reached the critical mass point where we now mansplain sex for women to a woman.


Pretty much … as much as I hate the term mansplain, here we are - on the flip side, there really is no tactful way to follow up with her comment without coming across that way that I could see…


I genuinely never understood it until this moment, haha.


Busted out laughing!


yea fuck that. I’m 34, and my life is the best it’s ever been. Zero chance I’d want to be that young again. Anyone who tells you their best years were 16-18 has seriously fucked up their adult life.


Totally agree! My 30s are kicking the shit out of every other decade so far.


When people say they wish they were teenagers again (or 21 again), I assume they mean they wish for the youthfulness part. They want to keep their knowledge, experience, development, income, etc… just in a younger body…


well for me, I wouldn’t want that either. My body sucked back then too. I guess if you said ‘you get your knowledge experience, income etc… a younger body… AND you also keep your gainz and your beard’, then maybe my answer turns to yes. but then i’m really just saying ‘i wish my joints hurt less’. Literally the only thing I’d want back from my youth is better joint health.


I’d take the errrmmm recovery ability in a particular aspect of life and the …err… explosiveness lol


I totally get what you’re saying here - however, in another avenue of life, I recently started playing hockey again after about a 10 year hiatus … I totally wish I had the explosiveness of my more youthful self in the athletic sense as well…




Sorry for the late reply. You are correct , I have yet to be with anyone very kind or caring, nor anyone who would even be open to communicating about my sexual needs.
I know that’s my issue and something for me to work on , and it isn’t the norm , but the last “relationship” I was in lasted 5 years and it was very detrimental to my mental health. As in, I can’t see myself wanting to or being able to sleep with someone again .
It was stressful because I had to pretend to enjoy something that was painful , and because that was my most recent experience (not to mention longest lasting) that is what is etched in my brain as to how sex will be and how it will feel.
Dont get me wrong, I’m a fairly horny person, but if I had to choose between a dude and myself I would continue to pick myself.


As you ALWAYS should, your happiness should always be put first.

Sorry to hear that. I can’t begin to imagine what being in a relationship like that must be like. Sex is such an important part of a relationship that if my spouse isn’t enjoying it, that would be a major issue.