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Have You Ever Beta Orbited a Girl




the logic of this is a woman uses 100 percent of the eggs she uses … it’s circular logic

I agree it’s due to your selection bias … right now, your “society” is largely inhabited by mentally underdeveloped sociopaths haha … once life hits these people, you, perceptions change…

wellllllll, probably b/c your age demographic is VERRRRY ill prepared to handle the realities, repercussions, responsibilities and consequences of said activities … y’all, by and large, do not have the tools to handle any adverse affects of risky behavior on your own. Not to mention y’all aren’t fully developed adults (mentally, intellectually w/e) yet. Some of y’all might be. You might be. By and large, biologically, cognitively … you’re not. Plus ya’ll are sooooper immature. The bullshit your decrying is basically immature high school bullshit.

homie … there is no if. Most people like having sex. It’s biological. It feels good. But it does need to be approached with respect and dignity. Sex shouldn’t be debased just b/c it feels good. There are biological and emotional consequences associated with it that can and do follow you around for your life. Right now your shaping your perspective on sex and it seems that your perception is one of it’s no big deal. I disagree; I was probably more in your camp as far as attitude towards sex goes when I was 17/18 … shit through my early to mid 20s. Then i really started to comprehend just how impactful and complex sexual relationships are. They don’t just affect you physically, mentally and emotionally as well…

which is the only perspective you have to this point other than a pre-pubescent perspective (which I’m sure you rarely if ever reflect upon).

Look, have fun but respect the power sex has and can have throughout your life. Enjoy it responsibly (I know I sound like an old fuck, but I’m being serious) - sex isn’t “no big deal” … it is a big deal. All I’m saying is give sex the respect it deserves and whoever you decide to have sex with the respect they deserve. I’d be weary of a partner who approaches sex with a casual air and not give it the respect it deserves. That’s all man … again, have fun but realize sex is a bigger deal than the “no big deal” narrative you’re being fed…


Not really lol


Worth looking into. The bottom line is that only one side of the equation really needs to have the biological drive in order for the species to repopulate.


I don’t appreciate the notion of being compared to the typical teenager, I don’t partake in most of the reckless irresponsible activities I see my peers doing on a daily basis, the problem I have with most teenagers is that they don’t think decisions through and therefore end up doing stupid, STUPID things because the notion of consequences for some odd reason isn’t thought of prior to doing something stupid (like drinking a litre of vodka or taking a bunch of Xanax and then coming into school). I’m aware teenagers tend to be very immature on both a mental and physical level, (although prior to me acquiring hypogonadism from… God knows how, I actually had precocious puberty, I don’t know any other 9y/Olds with the amount of body hair I had when I was nine), as to mentally, it depends, some areas I’m very advanced, some areas I’m way behind (social skills for instance) as I have high functioning autism.

I’m well aware of the consequences that can arise from sexual relationships, and I don’t treat sex callously, I make very clear prior to engaging in sexual relations of any kind that my partner is well aware that I’m not looking for a relationship

The bullshit I’m decrying IS high school bullshit, and I’ve never understood why people get so caught up in it. At one stage I was caught up in that BS (when I was like… Thirteen), before I realised that there’s more important things in the world. People are so worried (in my demographic) about relationships that won’t last, which party to go to on the weekend, who has more of this and that, and it’s shit that doesn’t matter at all in the long run, I fail to understand why people can’t recognise that in the long run none of this means jack shit with regard to what career you’re going to get, you’re overall quality of life and how everything turns out, a good deal of the people I interact with I’ll NEVER see again after I graduate therefore why should I care about what they think of me.

Anyway that’s just me


For the survival of the species, if you’re talking purely biologically, women only need to have sex once every nine months. Men can “spread their seed” as much as they want.


that’s not a good way to think about any subject.


I thought about that too, but that doesn’t explain why women still like having sex while pregnant.


Hey, how r U doing? I saw you’re post saying you were in a car accident, that’s just shit luck, I’m sorry to hear about that. Sucks that this stuff happens, and it happens to people who don’t deserve it for no good reason. The world sucks #teenageangst #thelastsentencewasajokenottobetakenseriously #allthehashtagsarentmeantobetakenseriously @flipcollar

Does this mean you can’t compete anymore?


which is why I said often:

Don’t try to understand why people do some of the things they do - focus on what you can do and understand why you are doing it. You’ll never be a mind reader, best you can do is have an understanding about incentives and motivations … pay more attention to actions rather than words as actions are revealed preferences (this goes beyond sex btw).

to you. It matters to those it matters to.

I get you have high functioning autism but it’s important to note people have motivations and tend to do things they want to do despite what they might say. Again, this is revealed preference…not everyone will fit into a nice little box regardless of how much “we” (society or w/e) try to fit them into it. We are very very complex creatures.

Again, I would suggest not trying to read others minds nor try to really understand motivations TOO much mainly b/c you can’t read minds and people can be dishonest. Actions will always speak louder than words…

To you. Again, it matters to who it matters to and different people have different goals and hopes in life. Some live for the moment and might have a tough time controlling their impulses…but it matters - maybe not to you but to other people - it’s important to understand that whether or not your respect it is up to you…

that’s true however it’s also your choice. You could see them again if you wanted to but it seems that you’ve discounted them and their motivations. Just an observation.

I’m not saying you should care what they think of you - however, I’ve come to appreciate, at the very least, to leave a relationship on neutral terms at worst, positive terms at best - you do not know what the future holds and who you may wish was in your network moving forward.

At the very least, every interaction you have with a person is practice for a future interaction with another, different but similar person. Interpersonal relationships are important regardless of what field you go into - I’ve seen brilliant people stall because they’re anti-social or just aren’t good at interpersonal relationships…

It is true you’ll probably build your social and professional network moving forward, but you’re establishing interpersonal habits right now with the way you interact with your peers and those within your community. If you’re a high functioning autistic, I’d recommend figuring out how to stop using that a crutch to dismissing people you find irritating or don’t understand. Find a way to understand them and they’ll probably seem a lot less irritating … I understand that’ll be difficult, but keep in mind it’s also difficult for people who do not have high functioning autism as well…


not at all. I just can’t right now, lol. It would take a hell of an injury, or series of injuries, to keep me out for good. I still plan to compete again in January, and for the foreseeable future. Just skipping a show I was supposed to do in 3 weeks.

As for the shit luck… yea. The Dr I saw said he only sees accidents like the one I was in maybe once every 4 or 5 years. I was actually hit twice, 2 separate cars, in the accident. I was rear ended first, then nailed by a pickup truck in the driver side door. He was distracted, didn’t see the initial accident. air bags went off, door pushed into me, glass everywhere, dashboard in my lap, lol.

On the other hand, I’m lucky the crash didn’t kill me, or do more serious damage then it did. My truck was totaled, but I walked away from it. So I can’t complain.


Dude. Regardless of your maturity level or whether you got a decent upbringing, your prefrontal cortex has not finished growing yet and likely won’t until you’re 22ish. That is the part of your brain responsible for reason and higher level thinking. So nobody is talking down to you for being young, it’s just the adult part of your brain hasn’t developed yet.

I will echo @polo77j 's sentiment about grown adults being far less judgemental as a group. Once life kicks everyone squarely in the teeth (by about 30-40 yo) they are a lot slower on average to sling insults at people and judge them. Failing yourself makes you appreciate the human condition.


Yeah you’re right, that was a little bit of an overstatement of mine to help make my point.


Nor do any other teenagers.

One thing that everybody else that isn’t a teenager knows is that virtually all teenagers try to distinguish themselves from all of the others. Some dye their hair a funny color, some get really good at a sport, some study real hard. You’ve simply chosen an unusual subject.

There isn’t anything about you, at least that I’ve observed on here that doesn’t scream typical teenager.


…women like sex while pregnant (1st and 2nd trimester mostly) because sex FEELS GOOD. Nobody said women didn’t like sex. We said maybe they don’t like it as much as men. You talked about the good of the species, and you mentioned reproduction as the basis of your argument.


Yeah but isn’t allowing reproduction the whole reason sex feels good in the first place?

Anyway, given the male semen is virtually unlimited, I can still see that having sex with a pregnant woman, at least in cavemen’s world, could still offer better chances of someone getting pregnant than not having sex at all. Small chances we’re talking, but still…


Sounds like you learned the hard way


What? You’re not making much sense here. And I didn’t bring up the teenager thing in any instance, but since this is a thing in this thread now, aren’t YOU a teenager? I can see how that would make it difficult to make accurate generalizations about women.


I didn’t bring up the teenage thing either, but yes I am, and although I might not have as much experience with women as an adult male, here I’m not necessarily talking by experience as much as trying to make a statement based on logic and science.

First things first, can we agree upon the fact that the reason, biologically, that sex feels good is because of reproduction?


I hope the same habits don’t also apply to geese. Ain’t no way I’m fighting a giant rapey goose.