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Have You Ever Beta Orbited a Girl



too frightened to look this up


I don’t know if this is necessary in the hallowed tubes of T-Nation - especially when you’ve established your sarcasm credentials…I think you would’ve been safe without this clarification…


Basically just a dude who gets laid … a good looking dude. How I’ve interpreted it is it’s ust a confident dude who can pull a chick…basically the good looking popular kid from a John Hughes movie essentially


You are looking at it wrong.

Women tend to have as much success getting men as men have success getting men.

The variable is that men are easy to attract. My youtube has some deleted comments that confirm this.


Might very well be the case. I never thought of it this way tbh.


Men want sex more than women do (or at least they’re more willing), thanks to slut shaming, even if women wanted sex as much as we do they’d generally be far more apprehensive about having casual sexual relations.


Now this is bs


There is a black hole punchline here somewhere, but it keeps being offensive for all the wrong reasons.


How so, do you disagree that men tend to have a higher sex drive due to their biological makeup, prove me wrong, I’m legitimately interested to learn if I’ve got something wrong here


Women want and like sex as much as men do. Period.


Not sure this is the case - but it seems there’s a higher price for women than men wrt promiscuity, both social and biological … it’s in their best interest to be more selective since they’ll potentially have a little one to care for they tend to look more for quality mates rather than quantity like men do who have all these spermies to spread around while women have a fixed amount of eggs…it’s a very layered complex issue which can’t be summed up to “slut shaming” … that’s very myopic, irresponsible and ignorant

(I use ignorant not as an insult, but in a way to sum up you ignoring the other, more impactful variables…)


Mmmmmmmmmm don’t think so



I don’t like logical fallacies but since you’re a study guy this is due…

Have you ever had sex at all?


Yes, however that is a personal question and I don’t see how it’s relevant


Right on. I’m not reading that study, but nevertheless I don’t think a study could ever convince me that there is any biologically sensible reason why women wouldn’t be attracted to sex as much as men are.

Since we’re talking biology, it makes more than sense that both men and women would have a strong drive for something that is necessary for the survival of our species.

Now, the society thing is a whole 'nuther matter. And yes I do believe that women tend to have less liberty expressing their sexuality and shit tends to be more taboo for them than for us men. What I do not buy into is that they have a lesser sexual drive to begin with.


If women have to pay a higher price from being promiscuous with regard to social respect, the way others treat and or think of them compared to men then what exactly is the right word for it. I apologize if I came off as ignorant, wasn’t my intention, it just seems as if a stigma exists for women who sleep around more, and the stigma doesn’t exist for men. While women do have a limited number of eggs, it’s LITERALLY impossible for her to use them all up, I don’t understand why society can’t accept women who sleep around yet men who do so are praised, it makes no sense to me. With the methods of contraception nowadays sex doesn’t equate to pregnancy anymore, so what’s the issue with women having sex? The double standard really irritates me.

Even in the old days the… Back door was always a viable alternative to avoid pregnancy, granted it tends to be quite painful if not done properly.


Maybe not, however I’ve always thought a large portion of what drives… Sex drive (besides neurotransmitters) is hormonal, specifically androgen mediated, since men produce roughly ten to twenty times the amount of testosterone and dihydrotestosterone that women produce it would be logical that we had higher sex drives. Then again I’m not a sexologist, endocrinologist or medical professional, I’m sure there’s more too it. Also from my experience more men tend to watch internet pornography and masturbate than women. Granted I’m sure many women lie when they say they don’t masturbate


By chance, are you familiar with the mating habits of ducks?


this is your perception and the perception of other people. Seems to be a perception that the cost is bore by more than just the female should she choose a poor mate (one who can’t (help) to support her).

Again, that’s your perception. Men bear consequences for promiscuity, they just come in different forms. Whether or not they’re comparable is debatable…

yet she becomes infertile around age 50, less desirable sexually as she ages exponentially, and older pregnancy have an increased risk to herself and the baby…men can procreate until death essentially and there’s no toll to our bodies regardless of how many kids we father…

I don’t think it’s a woman’s promiscuity that’s the issue - it’s the potential costs and repercussions imposed on them and their community as a whole - if a woman wants to be promiscuous that’s her business but SHE HAS TO BEAR THE RESPONSIBILITY OF SAID PROMISCUITY when/if the chickens come home to roost so to speak…“society” doesn’t like to bear the responsibility of another’s bad choices, by and large. Our immediate community, family friends etc, is more inclined to be sympathetic to help bear the consequences, but strangers are much less sympathetic to such things as I, you, we have our own problems to deal with…

again, that’s your perception…how old are you? I"m 36 and if a woman wants to be responsible for her own sexual behavior and can avoid contracting a disease or becoming pregnant (same goes for men btw) then there literally is no problem with this other than w/e emotional issues they may have later in life…

Why? Again, all of the things you’re saying to me that irritate you are your own perception and it’s not as black and white as you think…

and again my ignorant comment was not an insult - everyone is ignorant on a lot of things … I’m probably being ignorant about some things within this conversation - don’t be ashamed or think I’m trying to belittle you or your opinion b/c it seems to me you’re being ignorant - it’s just a word that means you don’t have or are ignoring relevant information…


During their fertile period, it is impossible for a woman to use up 100 percent of their eggs. Men also become less sexually desirable as they age (although that is debatable, some women like older men… But some men like older women)

17, neaaarly 18, you’re right, my perception is likely due to my age, however when women of 16-17-18 sleep around the girls around them (and some of the guys) will label that girl a slut, whore or whatever if the individual wasn’t in a committed relationship prior to having sexual intercourse, however guys who sleep around at 15-16-17-18 get no shortages of high fives from their bros.

This irritates me because why should the woman (in my age demographic) have to suffer stigmatisation if they like having sex, while the guys are put up on a pedestal, it is because of this that I very seldom discuss details regarding to my sexual relations with others out of respect for the girls privacy, ESPECIALLY if I don’t know the person asking me as a close friend (haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I have no close friends haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa)

Granted for older age demographics (20s, 30s and so on) I do lack the required information to make an informed statement, therefore I am being ignorant there, I’m speaking for primarily a teenage demographic