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Have You Ever Beta Orbited a Girl


I’m more a fan of existentialists myself.


He’s talking about INCEL philosophy. I believe it’s called the Black Pill.

The Red Pill is basically something that appeals to men who are weak and don’t understand the dynamics of interaction in the first place. These men just needed to be told to stand up for themselves and not take shit passively. Learn that individuals are multifaceted and are neither purely good nor bad. Identify scenarios when someone is fucking with you and approach the situation according to it’s unique circumstances.

However, this shit takes it to the extreme. It is basically modern day identity politics on the other end of the spectrum, a bunch of losers and sheep led by opportunists who insist on painting everyone on the opposing side as the same as a means of power play, instead of recognizing that everyone is an individual and shitty people do exist.

Bottom line is, you’re a lot closer to commie fucks than you would want to admit.


Are you kidding? You think a place like TNation has somehow remained free of it? Don’t be silly.

Here, you’ll get to this eventually:


Can some briefly outline red pill philosophy for me? Whenever I google shit like that it’s always a total bummer


My understanding is Nietzsche was red pill while Schopenhauer was black pill.


Red pill: some expectations put on men by society are unfair and contradictory. This leads to a power differential between men and women in certain areas. Some of their observations are legitimate:

Men are required to to register for the draft, women aren’t.

Almost all workplace injuries and deaths are men.

Men are committing suicide at higher rates than women.

Parents tend to act with scorn when boys show pain (walk it off) while they empathize with girls.

Boys are taught in early school by almost exclusively women. When they can’t sit still and learn well in that environment, the teachers don’t change their approach to help boys… they get the poor little bastards diagnosed with ADHD and drugged.

Men are held responsible for their actions more than women. Men are arrested/charged/convicted far more for the same crimes. If a woman and a man have drunken sex, the woman can revoke consent after the fact. The man is responsible for everything he did while intoxicated.

The family/divorce court system is stacked against men.

In the west, women control access to sex nearly 100% of the time.

In order to get that access men are expected to be assertive and good at getting resources while simultaneously being sensitive and nurturing.

The whiney list goes on and on.

So when you expose well adjusted men who are winning in the culture to this point of view. “There’s some good points there, sounds like whining though. Have fun with that, I have to go to work, go workout and pick the kids up on the way home.”

When you expose manipulative a-holes (pickup artists) to this POV: “there’s some good points there. If I can appear to be virile and have resources and talk a good game then I can trick women into giving me sexual access without getting bogged down with the responsibility. Thanks guys.”

When you expose political men to this information. “That’s unjust. Why don’t we start a men’s rights group and lobby for change just like the feminists?” A female liberal movie maker did a documentary called red pill about them. She was previously loved by the left for her documentaries on women’s rights and gay rights. The news media were pissed when the doc mentioned they have some legitimate points.

When you expose complete misanthropic/misogynist losers to this POV you get black pill. They are burn it all down, kill everyone types. Very dark.


Thanks for the explanation! Pretty much exactly the sort of shit I expected