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Have You Ever Beta Orbited a Girl


Funny as it is, I remember reading one of those communities called the red pill when I was 15.

They advised people to work out. The recommendation made by everyone there was the same: Serge Nubret’s routine. If you haven’t heard of it a quick Google search will do, but basically it’s ungodly volume. Like 4 exercises per body part for 6-8 sets of 12+ reps per exercise done twice per week.

It doesn’t matter what argument one made against that routine, everyone on that reddit was dead set on it being the only way. I remember reading stuff like the routine would challenge you mentally as much as physically and overcoming the pain would turn you into an alpha male.

They also advised (read: said it was the only right way) IF with one, max two meals per day if I remember correctly. Worst part is that place was the first one I got fitness info from on the net when I started out.


I do roids. I don’t train.


I am so SO glad this stuff wasn’t around when I was that age…


6kg of lean body mass without working out. Science!


I am so glad I missed the whole Reddit thing. Seems like the most toxic community on the web.

I’m sure there’s some great stuff on it, but all the shit that trickles down to me is just horrible.


Have you ever actually read some of the Incel forum shit? It’s genuinely quite worrying.

Used to be if you got all whiny about not being able to get girls your mates’d call you gay, smack you around a bit then get you drunk enough to plough a fat girl. Now you can go online talking about how you can get chicks and you’ve got a whole community of angry teenage boys being like “yeah bro. You should kill. You should kill everyone…


I’ve had some of it shared with me. The mentality is horrifying. Very much a sense of entitlement to female affection, rather than the notion that YOU have to be someone worth loving.

The internet makes self-radicalization too easy.


Yeah, perfectly said. It’s like, oh yeah bro you totally deserve female affection sitting there at 170lbs at 40% bodyfat with a neck beard, wearing a t shirt you got free at hooters which you slept in last night. Women are such bitches for not wanting to sleep with you.


Corrected that for you.


Wing, beer, diversions… AND a place to sleep?!



Every place is a place to sleep, if you’re tired enough.

Which, in retrospect, was a pretty insensitive thing for us to put on grandpa’s tombstone, given the circumstances.


I frequent reddit almost daily - mainly I stick to a few subs that are of interest to me … mainly to do with music, food/drink/cooking, and data science - a lot of people in there are deeply tapped into scenes I just do not have close exposure to … for instance, I knew Iron Maiden tour dates for this summer before they were published on some ticketing websites, etc…

But yes, it is a cesspool of retarded, myopic individuals by and large - so really just depends on what subreddits you go to and what threads you read…


I kind of enjoy the steroid one. Everyone jokes about blasting year round with a 1.5g of gear per week… and then someone stupid goes and does it, and makes a cry for help post lol.


Yeah, to be honest I do know that I’m being unfair and that the positive communities probably far outweigh the negative ones. Seems the only time my attention is brought to it is when something is particularly hateful, but I shouldn’t judge it based on that.

I actually never thought to use it for recipes so I thank you kindly for that, sir.


Whoa whoa whoa … I wouldn’t jump to THAT conclusion … I’d assume the opposite tbh haha

Also, there are some really insightful posters for things like whiskey, etc. - I’ve gotten some great bourbon recommendations from a lot of their reviews that have been great for the wallet … lot of bang for your buck type of posts


Also, I have to say that do enjoy going into the more politically charged subreddits and taking a piss on a lot of those idiots for the general troll factor.

Coincidentally I’ve only been banned from one subreddit - r/beer … apparently my polite opinion (as a rule I am quite respectful in subs I have a genuine interest in that are generally innocuous) was not appreciated haha


So exactly like every pharma forum then ha. Including here. It’s actually a well run system, the people that actually do the research come across all these cry for help threads and think, hmm fuckthat. At least it was one of the major things that has stopped me jumping on so far.


This is the only thing I use Reddit for, specialist topics. It’s very difficult to have a good conversation about something a little niche, say formula 1, anywhere else. Also a decent powerlifting community, though I’ve stayed out of there recently with every topic being ‘should mtf trans people be allowed to compete with birth women’.


If steroids were legalized today I’d order my homebrew kit tomorrow. I just can’t see felony charges over some gains.


Pure tripe. You’ve never read a word of TRP philosophy for yourself. It is the exact opposite of an entitlement mentality.