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Have You Ever Beta Orbited a Girl


@Yogi1 made some comment about finding out he was a “chad”, and, knowing I would regret it, I took a quick tour of some incel forums. The only amusing part is that my wife’s name is Stacey and her sister is Becky, and my wife is way hotter. Besides that, it was a mix of horror, sorrow, and a desire to find every weak piece of shit ascribing to that philosophy and choke them to death with my bare hands.


Yeah, I don’t get it. I was pretty much a loser with the ladies until my 20’s, and that level of victimhood never would have occurred to me. I was more of the “I’m not interesting to girls, What do I need to do make myself into someone girls are interested in?” approach. Who knew that getting out of your own head and learning to carry on a conversation, and being honest with your intentions to other people, were so effective?


The morality of most of the users on those other forums are atrocious. They regurgitate the same garbage over and over again.


Well… let’s not cast stones lol


No, let’s =]


I just dont get how people can let themselves be caught up in this mess. I’ve never dated a chick from work. (Aside from the time I worked for my girlfriends dad, but that’s a whole different dynamic) and I’ve never had a chick force me to like her. Also since I was 14, I’ve never let a chick “devastate me”. Sure, I’ve been moderately upset, but life moves on. Aside from that, assuming you’re still a part of these forums, Huslin (awful fucking handle by the way) and assuming you’re not a troll, ill offer you some real advice. Stop taking shit so seriously. That girl doesnt owe you anything. You dated for 5 weeks, in the least possible offensive way, grow a fucking pair dude. I dont care how good the sex was, it was a fling at best, and you should be mad at yourself for getting so involved, when clearly she was looking for something else. 6 months would be a bit different, but 5 weeks isnt enough time to see progress in the gym, let alone develop feelings strong enough to start a literal dumpster fire because you got denied.

Also, I dont know anything about you personally, but assuming the post about you having a kid is true, how about you worry about being a fucking father and trying not to commit vandilism


Haha Huslinbricks has had a lot of handles over the years and I always thought he was kind of creative with them. My favorite; Marijoologist. I probably spelled it wrong though.


If you haven’t made progress in the gym after 5 weeks, you’re using some shitty non-HIT training philosophy.


Yeah, because that was the takeaway from that entire post.


Everything you said is correct, except the insinuation that I feel entitled to anything.


You’ve been on this site for 13 years. You’ve made non stop progress in that time from HIT?

Do you now curl 1000???


I’m still training through a joint disease that would end most lifters’ careers because of HIT. Good enough for me.


I can’t imagine the intensity is all that high if you could do the training with a joint disease that would end most lifter’s careers…


I legit thought the HIT training comment was a joke. I mean I like Jones, Darden, Mentzers, Dorian etc… but when the entire training world trains one way and gets results and you have like 10 guys who disagree. Some guys just like being contrarian I guess.

And Dorian did more than one all out nut busting set. So not the original HIT anyway.



For hypertrophy it really doesn’t matter whether you do one set or five, but the former, performed slowly and to failure, is easier on the joints for sure.


Show me your world class athletes that train with just one set for body part… maximum 3x per week. I’ll wait here.


This is a silly thing.


So Beta cucks do HIT. Which means INCELs are the ones who want clavicle lengthening surgery?


And us Chads are hitting the volume


Which is illuminating since while Arthur Jones had a few redeeming qualities (millionaire inventor and entrepreneur), he also made a habit of marrying a new teenage asian lady every few years. The way some people are stuck on HIT like dogma, it’s like they want to be able to pull like he did.