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Have You Ever Beta Orbited a Girl


It never fails to deliver the goods.


Assuming you’re not trolling, you are a very emotionally weak and weird little dude.


why? she didn’t do anything wrong. huslinbricks is acting like a fucking toddler who can’t handle his emotions like an adult. She’s not obligated to fuck him, or even speak to him. Retaliation is for pussies. So in that sense, retaliation seems right up huslin’s alley, lol.

Dude. you fucking quit your job over a girl? What is wrong with you? You suck at life, my man.

I’m gonna take back the toddler comment though. That’s not fair to toddlers. My 4 year old son is more emotionally mature than this dude.


But everything you’ve said sounds so far fetched and childish it’s hard to even imagine you having any sense at all. This truly does sound like a troll


Wow, you’ve managed to convince some of the nicest and most helpful people in the forums that you’re a waste of time to respond to. No mean feat…


You should ask this Johnny guy out on a date then give him a blowjob at the bus stop on the way back from rollerskating.

That’s going to put her back in her box in no time.


Its my solution to everything flip, torn your ACL, don’t worry just shit in a newspaper and set fire to it.

I thought the fella was genuine in the opening post before the topics were merged, turns out I was duped by a troll. I’m shit at this internet thing.


Which part sounds far fetched? Everything I wrote is almost completely true (I actually got laid off instead of having quit).




Some non-roaring music from my workout playlist that might appeal to you:

Black Label Society
Warrel Dane


“almost completely true”
“almost completely true”
“almost completely true”
“almost completely true”
“almost completely true”
“almost completely true”
“almost completely true”
“almost completely true”
“almost completely true”
“almost completely true”



Because the site got shut down. She got transferred to another branch nearby and I got cut. I’m now eligible to re-apply at the other site.


So I’m guessing this guy is what kids
these days are referring to when they say “beta cuck”?


I guess I’m showing my age, but I still prefer conjugating with sheep.


Why lie about anything? Getting laid off is actually essential to the meaning of the story. It’s the difference between choosing to avoid the girl at work, and being forced to. That’s EVERYTHING. lol.

That’d be like saying ‘I play football in the NFL’, and then saying ‘that’s almost completely true, it was just my backyard, not a professional football league.’


I would have quit if I hadn’t been laid off. The reason we fell out in August is that she pulled strings to get me hired at the new site, and I told her, in a very rude way that undoubtedly betrayed my butthurt, that I wasn’t interested.


But who will pay for it?



If I recall correctly, you’ve got a kid. Since this job is better than what you’ve got now, I recommend you reapply and if you get it, thank her for helping you get your job back then be completely professional on the job and tactfully avoid her socially.


So be an adult. Might be tough for this one…