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Have You Ever Beta Orbited a Girl


All you need is 1 woman with bad judgement. Worked for me.


There ain’t no beta orbiting in a catholic neighborhood when you have a bag of weed and a Black Sabbath tape.

It’s like tying a porkchop to your neck and diving into a pit of Rottweilers.


Sabbath fucking rule. I went to a talk by Tony Iommi recently all about how awesome it is to be Tony Iommi.

By the sounds of things, it’s pretty awesome to be Tony Iommi.


Imagine going to something like that and the person telling you about how terrible life is and they regret everything.


I think that’s how it would be if Kurt Cobain didn’t off himself


suppose a woman had high interest, but lost attraction because you acted like a boring, weak, timid beta male. can you disappear, re appear six months later and still have validation sex with her?


Sure you can … just show her your bank balance. Only works if there’s a lot of money in it be warned




If you show back up with a big scar on your face. Maybe an eye patch or neck tattoo.

You’ve got to demonstrate that you went through some shit, now you’re a bad-ass, outlaw type.

She’ll see these markings of rebel status. When she comes to check them out, Guess who’s a broken man? Haunted past. Haunted past, that’s excellent.


Late contender for phrase of the year.



Ok, you lost me with this word salad.

I can only hope you can and do … soon.

Just like herpes

so you’re still acting like a boring, weak, timid beta male?

Here’s an idea … stop thinking you need to have sex to validate some pathetic notion about yourself and, I don’t know, develop into an actual fucking human being with genuine emotions, interests and thoughts…maybe try accomplishing an actual goal that improves yourself and your situation that has nothing to do with sex, validation or otherwise.

You’re a fucking confused little man, homie. Work on yourself.


You know who disappears and reappears?

A wizard.


Don’t be a wizard; be a barbarian.


You need one of those flat brimmed hats that make the wearer look like an asshole.

Nothing says “imma git choo praynit 'n scram” like a flat brimmed hat.

Bitches love that.


Wizards + Black Sabbath

Plus bonus Mississippi Saxophone.


What does validation sex mean in this context?


You don’t have to pay for parking.


Handy given that it’s been 6 months.


Really, after 6 months, a handy should be enough.


Haha! A genuine lol from me


I would question my assessment.