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Have You Ever Been in a "Rut"?


I think it’s different for everyone, but every reason is valid.

I haven’t been stuck in what I presume to be a rut, but I have put training to the wayside to focus on whatever I needed to concerning my well-being.

I do have bouts where I’m either physically or mentally worn out, and going the gym probably won’t do much except wear me out even more so I just chill and sleep mostly.

Days where my dedication isn’t up to snuff I just embrace and feel whatever feelings I’m feeling.

The one thing beneath everything else that drives me to train, is that I spent roughly 13-14 years of my life with a very devastating eating disorder. To be honest I had no idea what my genetics and ability to commit concerning my body even looked like. All I ever knew was being frail, sick, and sub 80lbs. Couldn’t even draw up something in my imagination as to what I looked like healthy, not even strong, just a decent amount of healthy. Compared to the years I’ve been training (nearly 3-4, perhaps), and been recovered, i had been mentally ill almost quadruple that time. I’ve got a BUNCH of things to unlock concerning my capabilities.

So yea I have days, maybe even weeks where I’m not feeling it. And that’s okay. I’m still one more day farther from where i once was.

That’s what I think about when I’m feeling not so in groove.


Mental health is nothing to just shrug off as being in a “rut”, I’ve been there, I thought it was a rut for years, ended up I was in denial and was actually severely depressed, always remember, your not the only one that is/could be going through this at the moment…speak up, get help, talk… it all helps