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Have You Built Your Own Sled?


Share your creative ideas for sled creation, or where you may have bought / had your sled made.
Thibs has mentioned several times that many at his forum have made their own sled.
The best idea I have seen so far is using the TRX straps with a weight plate.
I'm thinking my girlfriends handy father could do many things to help me here.

What have you got to share????

Also - if Thibs does read this - with that snow that we Canuckers have to deal with - how does it affect the sled work - friction, etc????


The only problem with it is that the shitty plates my gym has in the studio are filled with sand and it, well, leaks... Given that I'm pulling a loaded sled with grains of sand between it and the wooden floor I'm scratching the surface a bit.

So before I find out what lasts longer - the floor or the sled - I'm going to add a big towel under the sled, held in place by the chain the TRX is attached to. Will find out if it works tomorrow.



i use blast straps attached to a sled strap that i loop around however many plates i need. place the plates on a foam body mat or something and use it inside the aerobics studio or raquetball courts in my gym. works real good for the winter. still plan on getting a prowler though


milk crate with wts in it and a trx attached


Made one out of an old shovel head with a spike in the centre to load plates on. I cut up an old hockey stick and bolted that on the handle end of the shovel head so i was able to put straps on both sides of the hockey stick shaft. kinda hard to explain but it works on grass and asphalt.


old 4x4 tire put a whole through it, win!


old wood + weights from my yard + rope from an old toboggan = sled that works


In my uni gym, we have a preacher bench that sorta looks like this one, except older. i put whatever weight needed on each weight peg and push it using the handles opposite of the seat. To pull it , i attach a chain below the seat area, and attach 2 metal handles usually used on the cable machines onto the chain. This allows me to do pulling motions.


this is almost exactly what i do too.

i built my own blast straps with lashing straps and pvc pipe, i loop the strap through the middle of some plates, and drag them. im working on putting an eye-bolt through a tire so i can drag the tire outside.


i did that too for a while until the "night manager" (who didnt even know what a prowler, blast straps, sledgehammer hitting a tire was even used for.) told me not to do it anymore since it was marking on "his floor".


Bought mine at www.christiansfitnessfactory.com They sell one that is $150. I would like to make a mini one to use inside the gym for the bicep and back workouts, ideas would be great.


I had an old wheelbarrow laying around:
-Took everything from the base (all that was left was the shell
-Attached two hooks to the front
-Attached a rope to the hooks and put a piece of pvc pipe on each end of the rope as handles
-Threw anything heavy on it and pull/push away

It rocks!


old tires from the trash at a tire shop, some chain, pvc pipe, and a couple of caribineers and an eyebolt. Approx 20 bucks- and tires are free- last you forever.